100 CAMBIUM by Royal Mail

First Of Our Cambium Saddles Winging Their Way To Lucky Testers.

17 May 2013  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Events, Saddles, Bags, Etc., Stories

We posted the big news here one month ago that Brooks is releasing a new saddle this year.

The Cambium C17‘s top is made of vulcanized natural rubber and a specially treated cotton canvas, and thus represents a rather fresh departure for us.

Guess what’s nestling in that box, obscured by this year’s Brooks Bugle… a Cambium!

We said at the time that 100 saddles would be sent out as test pieces.

The response from Brooks fans worldwide was so enthusiastic, however, that not only did our extremely robust server fold under the weight of applicants; it also caused us to rethink our rather arbitrary sounding number of testers.

What we’re trying to get at is this – we’ve more or less reached a decision on our first hundred testers. Indeed, as you read this, several Brooks Cambiums are already in transit to their lucky new owners. If you’re among the happy group, you’ll most likely have heard from us, or will be hearing from us very soon.

But if you aren’t, haven’t or don’t, fear not!

We’re going through the applications again to find 50 more riders. For 50 more saddles, obviously. Hooray! So there’s still hope…

We’re also still welcoming applications from people who have not yet filled out our Cambium questionnaire. Our tentative plan is to release a couple of other Cambium models somewhere down the line, so even if you haven’t made the cut for our hundred first testers, and you don’t get picked as one of the extra fifty, you could still find yourself road-testing another Cambium in the future.

And remember – should you find yourself never picked by Brooks as a Cambium tester, please try to take solace from the rolling 10% discount in the Brooks online shop that all applicants receive for their time and trouble.


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  1. Gavan 
    Posted 5:22 pm
    17 May 2013

    Please, please, please let me be in the last 50!

  2. anhdao 
    Posted 5:26 pm
    17 May 2013

    What an amazing piece of design- such beautiful subtlety. Wasn’t a tester, hopefully will make next round!! Great job guys!! Can’t wait to read tester reviews! <3

  3. Ronald Kuban 
    Posted 6:17 pm
    17 May 2013

    would love to try this saddle just purchased a Trek 2.0 and saddle is ok but want to upgrade this is the perfect time to try a saddle riding 20 to 25 a day and riding in Tour de Cure in Louisville for diabetes this weekend, 40 miles is the goal for me

  4. Ronald Kuban 
    Posted 6:18 pm
    17 May 2013

    would love to try this saddle just purchased a Trek Domame 2.0 and saddle is ok but want to upgrade this is the perfect time to try a saddle riding 20 to 25 a day and riding in Tour de Cure in Louisville for diabetes this weekend, 40 miles is the goal for me

  5. Ecky Hofmann 
    Posted 6:30 pm
    17 May 2013

    I’m looking forward to test the cambium. :)


  6. Mikethebike 
    Posted 6:47 pm
    17 May 2013

    I am very nervous if I have been selected by Brooks to test one of the new saddles. They are looking very interesting on the photo. Will it be as good as a Brooks leather saddle??
    The idea of the testing is very nice. It’s like playing Lotto. Win or not win this is the question:-))

  7. Orlando 
    Posted 7:13 pm
    17 May 2013

    Thanks for the update Brooks!!! I can’t wait to see one of those saddles in person. Give me ring if you need any more testers.


  8. K.Smith 
    Posted 7:14 pm
    17 May 2013

    Request to test the C-17 Brooks Cambrium Saddle- Thank You very much will be much appreciated !

  9. Laura 
    Posted 7:18 pm
    17 May 2013

    As on of the accepted testers, I am so excited to finally own a Brooks! I look forward to adding that last amount of elegance that my bike was missing before today.
    Thank you so much!

  10. Sebastião Wilson de Araújo 
    Posted 7:33 pm
    17 May 2013

    So, I’will wait the next opportunity.

  11. Robin Dale 
    Posted 7:35 pm
    17 May 2013

    This would be the PERFECT saddle for the weather here in Portland, Oregon what with all the rain we get considering the fact that there are so few places to park our bicycles when our bums are not keeping the saddles dry! I would DEARLY love to verify this as one of the lucky few who test the Cambium!

  12. Douglas Muir 
    Posted 7:37 pm
    17 May 2013

    I owned a couple of your seats. Would love to ride on your new seats.

  13. Martin 
    Posted 7:53 pm
    17 May 2013

    I don’t get one :(

  14. Pieter Griffioen 
    Posted 8:28 pm
    17 May 2013

    Very nice

  15. James Whitestone 
    Posted 8:49 pm
    17 May 2013

    yes please!! you have my email and my long essay as why it should be me!! :)

  16. Joshua Manly 
    Posted 10:16 pm
    17 May 2013

    Surly lht rider giving a shot out for a test seat would love to log some miles, write and photograph it as the seat is being tested. And if I don’t get picked I will have no hard feelings because I know I tried. Keep making quality products, I think highly of companies such as yours.

    Joshua Manly, a steel frame, toddler trailer pulling county riding bicyclist gone mad.

  17. Yo Matsubayashi 
    Posted 11:25 pm
    17 May 2013

    Congratulation for releasing a new saddle, CAMBIUM!

  18. Gerald Kessler 
    Posted 1:17 am
    18 May 2013

    Forty years ago I purchased my first serious bicycle, a Raleigh Super Comp. It came equiped with a Brooks saddle. At the time I really didn’t know what I had in terms of quality. To me, it was just another saddle. It wasn’t until after it has been abused for years – left in the rain and sun untold hours, never tenstioned and never oiled – that I knew what a quality item it was. By then it was too late t restore it. I’ now back into cycling an am comptemplating taking a cross country (U.S.A.) tour. I would very lmuch like to ride on a Brooks saddle again.

  19. Andres Quintana 
    Posted 2:20 am
    18 May 2013

    I would like to be a test subject of the new Brooks Cambium saddle, it looks as if it would be a very comfortable and soft saddle that would last almost a life time.

  20. Max 
    Posted 6:16 am
    18 May 2013

    Simply GORGEOUS!!!

  21. Paul Blennerhassett 
    Posted 6:52 am
    18 May 2013

    Brooks needs to be comended here for thinking ahead thses saddles are going to be perfect for really wet rainy areas. I hope the guy who tohught of this idea got a pay raise??
    If you choose me to test one I WILL DEFINITELY GET THE BROOKS LOGO TATTOOED ON MY RIGHT CALF MUSCLE!!!!! HONESTLY. I have already asked a tattooist friend if she will do it? her answer was “Awesome . . . when?”

  22. Svatopluk Smysl 
    Posted 10:15 am
    18 May 2013

    The new released saddle look nice. I’m looking forward to results of test.

  23. Russell D. 
    Posted 10:55 am
    18 May 2013

    Lovely saddles! Even if I’m not one of the first 150 to test one out probably gonna have to buy one with that 10%. Gotta get my first Brooks one way or another.

  24. Ruud Langerak 
    Posted 11:31 am
    18 May 2013

    Please let my test.

  25. Vera 
    Posted 5:31 pm
    18 May 2013

    It was my mother`s 90th birthday yesterday. Next year I would like to arrive for the celebration with my bike sitting on a CAMBIUM C17!

  26. Siptis 
    Posted 7:36 am
    19 May 2013

    I love to test it

  27. Andreas 
    Posted 9:16 am
    19 May 2013

    Unfortunately I do not have the money to own this saddle but with a weight of 125kg I would be a good tester.

  28. Alberto Barrera 
    Posted 10:25 am
    19 May 2013

    Se volete qualcuno che testi la sella dall’Italia, io ci sono.

    If you want someone Who teste the saddle in Italy, i’m here.
    Tank you

  29. Laurent 
    Posted 1:30 pm
    19 May 2013

    As usual, a new Brooks product I can’t wait to see!
    I would be very honored to be one of the next 50 to test and present this new saddle in the first cycling city of France, Strasbourg!!

  30. Nelson 
    Posted 3:50 pm
    19 May 2013

    I have 2 brooks swift ti saddles, really great saddles, and I’d love to see how the new 17 stacks up against them. I’ve been a cyclist for 30+ years and very objective about the way components work and feel.

  31. Åke B 
    Posted 4:26 pm
    19 May 2013

    I ride a B17 from 1959 and a Swallow from 2009. They are still comfortable favorites but I would love to test if the new generation C17 could give them a match

  32. Stedlocks 
    Posted 5:39 pm
    19 May 2013

    I got the email…..!
    Can’t wait to get my grubby butt on it!

  33. Jonny McMullan 
    Posted 6:35 pm
    19 May 2013

    Would love to test this ace looking product against the rigours of the Northern Irish coastal cycle network. ;-)

  34. Simon 
    Posted 6:41 pm
    19 May 2013

    I’m building an adventure touring bike for an off-road trip around Iceland’s interior and would love a test model of the Brooks Cambium saddle to put atop it.

  35. Jörg Gerken 
    Posted 6:58 pm
    19 May 2013

    If i checked my e-mails i was so very happy as i see that i am one of the lucky cambium-tester. I will test this saddle in the 300 km Vätternrundan in sweden. Thank you so much for this pleasure. I look forward to tell you from my cambium-test in sweden

  36. ernie 
    Posted 6:18 am
    20 May 2013

    I currently ride on a Brooks saddle. I would like to continue to feel the new technology with the old style look.

  37. Stephen Kennedy 
    Posted 10:51 am
    20 May 2013

    But really, what’s so interesting about a Brooks saddle not made of leather? The company risks losing its “sole”.

  38. Sergio 
    Posted 4:32 pm
    20 May 2013

    I am looking a good saddle for my routes with saddlebags and one of yours Brooks could be perfect.

  39. Paul Blennerhassett 
    Posted 12:34 am
    21 May 2013

    Auckland has a constantly changing weather pattern sometimes going through “4 seasons in one day”. I think that this climate would provide a unique enviroment for testing.
    I also garantee that I could sell more of the
    C-17′s over a 12 month period if I had an example on my daily ride (Jamis Commuter 3 Black with black fenders) to show customers.
    I really do not want to run my B17 narrow over the winter, but I also refuse to use any other product.
    My bribe to get some form of Brooks emblem tattooed still stands(within copyright laws of course)
    I will also offer to pay freight. . . . .
    I really want a C-17 . . . Please ?
    If not how about a shop sign or 2 to put on the wall? Thank you. Paul (a Brooks loyalist) Auckland, NZ.

  40. Tom O'Donnell 
    Posted 2:27 am
    21 May 2013

    I hope I was one of the ones picked.My birthday is 6/1/52
    I just inherited a road bike from a man who was worthy of a trial seat but has passed away and I plan on continueing his riding tradition with his best friend and mine. It needs a seat,thats it,Tom.

  41. peter klar 
    Posted 2:33 am
    21 May 2013

    hi i hope i can find a cambium to have a look and maybe a test in a shop when i am back in germany soon,i have my brooks saddle here on my bike in thailand and take it always with me if i go back to germany to use it on my other bikes.in the tropics you swet a lot and i dont wear biketrousers there because they have not enough ventilation.i am interested whether the new cambium is also suited in tropical areas as the leathersaddle peter klar sy pitsamai thailand

  42. Jos van der Vleuten 
    Posted 9:24 am
    21 May 2013

    I have subscribed already for the first 100 pieces. Let me test one of those other 50! On this moment Mark Reilly of ENIGMA is building my custom made Titanium Racebike in the UK. It would be a shame if I could test a new other British icoon on that bike!

  43. Jos van der Vleuten 
    Posted 9:27 am
    21 May 2013

    I have subcribed for the first 100 pieces. Let me test one of those other 50! On this moment Mark Reilly of ENIGMA is building my custom made Titanium Racebike in the UK. It would be a shame if I coul’d NOT test a new British icoon on that bike!

  44. Philippe Androuet 
    Posted 9:42 am
    21 May 2013

    My friens and me will ride the divide this year with B17…
    I’d love to try this saddle on my road bike and finish my training.

    You can follow us from 14 june here: http://trackleaders.com/tourdivide13

    Official website: http://www.tourdivide.com/
    Our blog: http://www.btwin.com/blog/fr/blog-et-actualite/ride-the-divide/

  45. Deetours 
    Posted 10:51 am
    21 May 2013

    I am planning to cycle along the Elbe from source to mouth and then to the ferry at Rotterdam along the Friesian coast … and I would LURVE to do it on the new Cambium

  46. MBC 
    Posted 8:05 pm
    21 May 2013

    I can try this wonderful saddle ;-)

  47. Jos van Sprang 
    Posted 12:01 pm
    23 May 2013

    Thank you for selecting me as a test rider for the C17 Cambium. As a long term user of B17 and Professional saddles I’ll put the new C17 to the test,

  48. paul fisher 
    Posted 9:19 pm
    23 May 2013

    first brooks in about 1971 and just bought a new B17 Imperial (brill’) – cummon, always up for a challenge…. gimmee a Cambium to try (for my jaunt in Cambodia)

  49. Grumpychunks!? 
    Posted 11:01 pm
    23 May 2013

    Would be very curious to try one, have always used SDG Bel Air saddles, never used/tried a Brooks!

  50. Brent 
    Posted 3:36 am
    24 May 2013

    So excited and honored to have been selected!!! I’m going to put it through the ringer!! Can’t wait!!

  51. Rafael Perez 
    Posted 7:37 pm
    24 May 2013

    Did not get one. May be the next 50. In the meantime, for my solace, I will keep having fun on my flyer specials on my bikes.

  52. Didier 
    Posted 2:51 pm
    27 May 2013

    I’m one the lucky 100 – thank you Brooks England – will test it on road, off road an on track!

  53. Gerry Dyke 
    Posted 2:37 pm
    29 May 2013

    I think Brooks has completely missed the mark with this new saddle.
    What people treasure about the Brooks saddles is the fact that they are made of leather and possess all the advantages that goes with that material. The disadvantage has always been the vulnerability of the saddle to water!!
    Now that Gilles Berthoud has marketed a waterproof leather saddle, I don’t see how a rubber/cotton combination will be attractive to those looking for all the attributes of a saddle made from breathable leather. I don’t think naming it a “Brooks” will make it any more appealing.
    P.S I love my B17 and my “Professional” and do not intend to “trade-up” to a Cambium

  54. dad 
    Posted 10:54 pm
    29 May 2013

    send one to my daughter to test. She is building her first road bike this summer. In her words, on her upright, her Brooks B68S is the only comfortable saddle she’s ever ridden.

  55. marcoV 
    Posted 11:34 am
    30 May 2013

    Nice for a such traditional company as Brooks to dare. Chapeau…!

  56. RobertO 
    Posted 10:14 pm
    18 Jun 2013

    It is as always, a work of art in the form of a saddle! It a very clean look and I hope the test results are encouraging for you!