How To Bunny Hop Late Autumn.

27 Oct 2011  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Bicycles, Curiosities

It makes sense to adjust the seatpost down a little if you’re riding through leaves lots.

October and November are famously the cruellest months. For cyclists. Well, two of the cruellest. When the light catches them in a certain way, that is. Let’s say.

So how are you supposed to retain your marbles? The emotional rollercoaster of lonely, dark, wet mornings, fancy dress parties, lonely, bright, bracing afternoons, self-imposed biking sabbaticals, plus the appearance of enticing seasonal fruit in the shops can prove too much for many. Fortunately, we have some suggestions.


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L’Eroica 2011 by Mark Reber

24 Oct 2011  |  Posted by GUEST  |  Categories: Events, Friends, Heritage, Monthly highlights, Stories

An incomparable vista. Riding the twisting, gravelly tracks of Chianti at L’Eroica. (Photo Dustin Nordhus, Cicli Berlinetta)

The dust has quite literally begun to settle once again in northern Italy, where a few weeks back Gaiole played host to a couple of thousand cyclists set on recreating the feel of a bike race entirely devoid of Carbon Fibre, Synthetic Isotonic Potions, System Pedals, or any other development conceived over the past thirty years to make a ride last less long.

Of course we’re talking about L’Eroica, and Brooks was once again a proud sponsor of the event. Shortly before this year’s instalment we managed to get in touch with our good friend Mark Reber, who was making the trip over from the United States. He kindly agreed to collect some of his impressions of the weekend and commit them to paper for us, while taking many fine photographs (MR), some of which are interspersed below with those of his friend Rodger Lynch (RL) and Dustin Nordhus (DN). Now read on…


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We Can Rebuild It. The Six Million Mark Bicycle.

21 Oct 2011  |  Posted by GUEST  |  Categories: Correspondence, Curiosities, Friends, Heritage, Stories

Inflation in 1920′s Germany would have made this a Six Million Mark Bicycle.

A bike restoration project is one of those happy undertakings in which those involved frequently wish they’d never started, yet secretly hope will never end. In this regard we have some good news, and also some bad news reaching us this morning from Hamburg, Germany, where Nico Thomas and his two sons have recently applied the final revitalizing touches to a machine first ridden over 80 years ago.


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Brum to Berlin for Cancer Research UK

14 Oct 2011  |  Posted by GUEST  |  Categories: Friends, Travel & Adventure Cycling, Uncategorized

(editor’s note: the following is the charming diary of five young people from Birmingham who approached us to support their charity ride from Birmingham to Berlin to raise money for Cancer Research UK. A video of this adventure is soon to follow.)



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Roller Racing, Spin Classes, Etc.

10 Oct 2011  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Bicycles, Curiosities, Sports Cycling

“Slow down! You’re going too fast!” Fun and games by Rollapaluza.

In some parts of the world, autumn is a dangerously magnificent time to be out taking exercise on one’s bike. In New Hampshire, for example, hyperventilation is common among riders new to the breathtaking-ness of the region’s physical charms, encountered at their most charming over the course of a sunny October morning spin.

In other parts of the world it can be somewhat less magnificent, and quantifiably more dangerous. So at Boultbee Towers we pass no moral judgement on those cyclists who, in the face of driving rain and ubiquitous slicks of wet leaves, decide that discretion might be the greater part of valour, and opt to stow their racing wheels for a month or two. Or four.

But anybody who cycles a few miles with any sort of regularity will be familiar with the hunger pangs that cause legs to rumble when they’re suddenly not getting fed the way they like to be.

There are, fortunately, all sorts of ways to continue deriving physical and spiritual pleasure from the turning of two cranks, without rider or said cranks getting much of a change of scenery. Or getting wet. Or aquaplaning on leaves. Read on, Autumnal Traveler…


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The New Rivendell Website.

6 Oct 2011  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Bicycles, Friends

“Golden Tree” by Martin Brooks from Ninian Doff on Vimeo.

Grant Petersen, purveyor and fabricator extraordinaire of Rivendell lugged steel frames and sundry high quality bicycling-related stuff, has in the past weeks overseen some changes to his company’s website.

Its earlier incarnation was throughout a repository of good-humoured common sense; a place to visit if you were seeking expert advice on matters bicycular, or irrespective of subject merely hopeful of reading meaningful, well-written sentences. This made it exceptional, certainly, and perhaps close to unique among all commercial entities deriving from the central notion of two human-powered wheels.

In these respects, mercifully, nothing has changed.


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