Alan Bate Holds New Guinness Record.

New Circumnavigation Record Ratified a Month Before Start of Grand Tour

20 Jan 2012  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Correspondence, Events, Sports Cycling, Travel & Adventure Cycling

Scenes from the hard road, with new Guinness record holder Alan Bate.

Those intrepid souls gunning for a place in the record books when they leave London by bike on February 18th as part of the World Cycle Racing Grand Tour have just had their job made that little bit harder.

We mentioned on the Brooks Blog earlier this week that a rumour was doing the rounds of a soon to be ratified finishing time of somewhere in the region of a hundred days for one complete circumnavigation of the earth.

And bear in mind that the previous best had been set by Vin Cox, and stood at 163 days.


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Have We A New World Record?

Information Superhighway Abuzz With Talk Of Mysterious Mr. Bate.

17 Jan 2012  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Uncategorized

Long Distance Touring by unicycle makes numb hands a thing of the past.

As readers of the Brooks blog must be only too well aware, in about a month now London will be the starting point for perhaps the most ambitious and dramatic cycling event the world has yet seen.

It’s true to say that most individuals attempting to break the world record for Fastest Circumnavigation of the Earth by Bicycle this year will hit the start button of their stopwatches on February 18th somewhere in the English capital.


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Brooks and PEdALED at “MY BIKE” hosted by Merci, Paris.

A Major Exhibition of Cycle Wear and Accessories Starts in Paris this Week.

16 Jan 2012  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Art & Design, Events, Monthly highlights, Urban Cycling

Both Brooks and PEDALeD will be represented at the MYBIKE exhibition in Paris.

No major world city  has remained untouched by the resurgence of bicycling as a means of undertaking one’s urban commute, or simply getting around. And by any scale of measurement, we can probably all agree that Paris is a major world city.

It was with this in mind that we took a look last week at one of our Parisian Brooks Supreme Dealers Of Excellence, and today take a look today at MY BIKE, an upcoming exhibition taking place in Paris. It will showcase some should-haves for the bicycliste looking to cut a smart yet practical dash both on and off two wheels.


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Les Vélos Parisiens, Paris.

Atmosphere, Style, Expertise. A Brooks Dealer of Excellence in the French capital.

12 Jan 2012  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Friends, Saddles, Bags, Etc.

The sun, the moon… the stars are attached to seatposts inside.

It is tempting nowadays for bike shop owners to narrow their range of machines to a specific style of bicycle. There are lots of reasons for this. As a “specialist” for one particular bike or cycling-related line of products, the stockist is almost guaranteed a (perhaps small, yet) fiercely loyal constituency of people prepared to spend money at his premises, often on items surplus to their immediate requirements. Which is a nice constituency to be selling to in 2012.

But the Reboux Brothers, Sebastian and Julien, in their Brooks be-rivetted emporium Les Vélos Parisiens in the French capital’s 7th arrondissement do things differently. They sell everything. Or at least, it can certainly seem that way.


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The Brooks Twenty Twelve Tribute Tweak.

Unearth Hidden Meaning Beneath Congratulatory Cyclocross Quote...

10 Jan 2012  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Curiosities, Events, Sports Cycling

Niels Albert, left, reckons Sven Nys was probably the better man on the day. Or does he?

“Sven was the strongest today. That’s how it works in a race. The best would win today on a course like this and that was Sven today.”

Seemingly innocuous, but on closer inspection potentially loaded with HIDDEN MEANING, wouldn’t you say? It all depends on the stress given to specific words, or the judicious placement of a comma or full stop.

The quote in question comes from the gracious mouth of Niels Albert, “First Runner Up” and defending champion at last weekend’s Belgian National Cyclocross Championship. Second is going to hurt at the best of times, but at the BNCXC, that most Cyclocross of Cyclocross events, the pain must have been close to unbearable.


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PEdALED Online Shop Open

A Hideto Suzuki Shirt Sits Well With The Criterion

5 Jan 2012  |  Posted by BREGAN  |  Categories: Style & Fashion, Urban Cycling

Early last year we announced our intention to complement the range of John Boultbee jackets with a line of clothing to wear in and out of the saddle from Hideto Suzuki’s PEdALED label- Today we are happy to draw your attention to the newly opened PEdALED online shop.


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