New Year’s Resolution. Shorter Sentences.

There's No Easy Way To Say This.

21 Dec 2012  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Events, Heritage

Talk about seasonal! If you want a Kara Ginther for Christmas, you’re cutting it very fine.

With 2012 drawing to a close, the team here at Brooks England Social Media Services Inc. has unanimously decided that it would be an act of Gross Unkindness on our part were we to continue, day in, day out, enthralling our subscribers with the sort of compelling images and reading material for which we have become famous, all the way up to Christmas morning and beyond toward New Year’s, given that even a sub-standard-quality Brooks Blog post renders the typical reader unable to constructively focus on, or talk about, anything else until he or she has had a full night’s sleep, said Vicious Circle of post-reading-sleeping-new-post-reading-sleeping being entirely non-conducive to the successful acquisition of presents for family and friends at a time of the year when family and friends are kind of expecting to receive presents in exchange for the ones they have given.


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Juliana Buhring Is Back!

Juliana's Near-Complete World Circumnavigation By Bike Will Be The First By A Woman.

19 Dec 2012  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Events, Sports Cycling, Travel & Adventure Cycling

We’ve seen this signpost before! WCR racer Juliana made it to the other side in one piece.

When Yorkshire’s Mike Hall made it over the finish line in first place earlier this year, the media frenzy surrounding the WCR Grand Tour began to die down a little. And when Irishman Simon Hutchinson rolled in to take the final podium spot, most people may have reckoned that tales of world circumnavigations by bike were done with for 2012.

They reckoned without Juliana Buhring.


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Matthew Cox And Le Dernier Dimanche

Limited Edition Books Don't Come Much More Limited Than Those With A Print Run Of 99.

18 Dec 2012  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Art & Design, Bicycles, Curiosities, Events, Heritage

The 2014 Tour de France’s Prolog, as well as its first couple of road stages will be taking place somewhere in England, according to reports which reached us last week.

Yorkshire has been definitively chosen as site for the curtain raising time trial, but beyond that, details remain to be fully thrashed out.


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“Dashing Bike, Guv’nor!”

Enter to Win a Dashing Bike!

12 Dec 2012  |  Posted by BREGAN  |  Categories: Events, Monthly highlights


As those of you who read the blog or check the facebook or receive our twitter, not to mention our Newsletter already know, or anyone who was in arm’s reach of Huckleberry Bikes in San Francisco last Saturday will confirm, Brooks is underway with a series of events in North America held under the banner of “The Brooks England Dashing Bicycle Show”.

But the Dashing Bicycle Show is not only about an excuse to go out and socialize and talk bikes. Its also about WINNING one of the Dashing Bikes on display, so read on to learn more!


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Alex Moulton. 1920-2012.

Iconic British Designer Dies 50 Years After His First Separable Bike Went Into Production.

11 Dec 2012  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Friends, Heritage

Brooks Head Of Marketing Andrea Meneghelli on a visit to the Moulton Works and Estate in 2010.

The sad news has been conveyed by a spokesperson from the Moulton Bicycle Company that inventor of the eponymous and well loved bicycle, Dr. Alex Moulton, passed away peacefully on Sunday last at the age of 92.

Moulton was an expert designer and developer in several fields throughout his long career, but among cyclists he will be best remembered for the iconic two-wheelers which bore his name.


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World Bicycle Relief In Zambia.

WBR's Bike Leasing Program Delivers The Fishing Rod, Not The Fish.

7 Dec 2012  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Bicycles, Stories, Videos

Cycling in rural Zambia, one is more likely to have use for a beefy, 1950s-style┬ásingle speed roadster with coaster brake than a lightweight modern carbon fibre superbike. It was with this in mind that SRAM co-founder F.K. Day immersed himself some years ago in the “unlearning process” and put The Buffalo, flagship model for the charity organization World Bicycle Relief, into production.


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Claude Marthaler – “The Yakman”

6 Dec 2012  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Bicycles, Correspondence, Friends

BIKE FOR BREAD from CAMACRO Production on Vimeo.

Switzerlander Claude Marthaler has won a special name for himself over the years among the global community of long distance cycle tourers for his feats of endurance in the saddle, and an ability to recount his experiences on paper in an engaging, thoughtful way.


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The Pick Of 2013′s Bike Calendars

Ascertaining Day Of Week, Time Of Year, Etc. Has Rarely Been As Visually Rewarding.

5 Dec 2012  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Art & Design, Bicycles, Monthly highlights

This year’s Guinea Pig Games calendar features action from the velodrome.

If you still have a calendar from 2002 knocking around at home, you’ll probably already have noticed that its days and dates match up exactly with those of the coming year. Which of course means you won’t need to waste money on a new calendar for 2013.


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