Brooks Penny Farthing Race At The London Bike Show

Spectator-Friendly Spills Abound On Tight, Tough Indoor Racing Circuit.

28 Jan 2013  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Events

Hi, Wheel! (All photos for this piece are courtesy of Liz Seabrook.)

The Brooks England team was visible at the The London Bike Show earlier this month in various capacities. Aside from manning our own stand for the duration of the event, we were also on board with our good friends from the IG London Nocturne who were hosting a series of races over the weekend.


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Dashing Bicycle Show, San Francisco

Grant Petersen holds forth before the gathered throng at Huckleberry Bicycles

23 Jan 2013  |  Posted by admin  |  Categories: Events, Monthly highlights

Grant Petersen of Rivendell Bicycles was on hand to fill in the blanks at Huckleberry Bicycles

The Brooks Dashing Bicycle Show kicked off this past December in San Francisco, California with an evening party at host shop Huckleberry Bicycles, bringing together a group of stylish, functional and unique brands from all over the world to showcase the finest in urban and transportation cycling.

All photos by Matthew Reamer, courtesy of Momentum Mag.


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Grant Petersen – “Short Rides Beat Long Rides”.

Rivendell Chief Administers Dose Of Performance Enhancing Common Sense To Cyclists.

18 Jan 2013  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Friends, Monthly highlights

Grant Petersen has some timely things to say about competitive riding. (Photo Reno Rambler)

The 2013 Brooks Bugle will soon be ready for dispatch. It promises to contain a¬†breadth and scope of¬†material unattained by any of our previous Bugles. And that’s saying something, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Of the several excellent contributions we received from various luminaries of the world of cycling, we were perhaps most excited to have something for this year’s Bugle from Rivendell’s Grant Petersen.


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Dave Gill Touring The U.S.A. On A Brooks.

Newcomer To Touring Kicks Off In Style With 11,000-mile Round-Trip Of the U.S.

15 Jan 2013  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Correspondence, Friends, Travel & Adventure Cycling

Dave’s next door neighbour Marsha has been assigned the plant watering duties while he’s away.

Dave Gill’s tour around North America has come to our attention by grace of his fine pictures and equally fine stories from the road. He has been on the move since late last year, and fastidiously checks in with daily blog or photo updates. He also has a fine piece of leather under him, and got in touch with us recently to tell us of a narrow escape he had just before setting off…


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