A Relaxing Randonneur

Si Taylor from Two Makers talks us through his unique Randonneur chair

2 Sep 2014  |  Posted by GUEST  |  Categories: Art & Design, Curiosities, Stories, Style & Fashion

The concept for this project was to create a high-end handcrafted rocking chair inspired by, and having the aesthetic of, the ‘golden era’ of classic long-distance racing bicycles manufactured by the master ‘Constructeurs’ of the 1940s.

It was handcrafted using lightweight manganese-molybdenum steel alloy tube, using traditional bicycle frame-building processes and techniques, and employing the geometries of a ‘Randonneur’ bike. The chair, like the custom handcrafted bicycle, exists in the contexts of ‘bespoke’ and of the genuinely authentic, through the personal relationship formed between maker and client. The chair also shares the ethical, ecological, recyclable, and sustainable properties of its two-wheeled sibling.

The carefully chosen materials for construction, were Reynolds 631 seamless air-hardening heat-treated steel tubing. This is the modern equivalent of the legendary Reynolds 531 tubing that would have been used for bicycles of this era. It is the benchmark by which all others are still judged to this day and widely regarded as the ultimate bicycle tubing, the perfect balance of strength, weight and comfort.

The finest bicycle saddle leather, courtesy of Brooks England, was used for the seat. Brooks also generously supplied the matching saddlebag and leather handlebar tape for the project. Sustainable Sapele hardwood was chosen for the rockers.

The chair is a celebration of: classic hand-built bicycles, the current cycling renaissance, bespoke British craftsmanship and traditional making skills, and the resurgence in the popularity of bespoke handcrafted design. The rocking motion evokes a similar feeling of freedom and delight that is associated with riding a bicycle.

To find out more about Two Makers visit their website: http://www.setyard.co.uk/twomakers/

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  1. Kenny 
    Posted 10:59 pm
    8 Sep 2014

    This is absolutely brilliant!

  2. Elle 
    Posted 3:51 pm
    10 Sep 2014

    This is gorgeous. A work of engineering art. I love it. Well done.