B1866 Store Opens in London

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During the past two months we’ve been working very hard to create what we describe as the Brooks ‘Cathedral’. We are excited to announce the opening of B1866, our first Brooks Store, situated in the heart of London. The shop is not only a showcase of our  product range, but a celebration of the brand’s 150 year history.

For the Brooks Team it is also a big achievement and the coronation of the work we’ve done during the past 11 years.  Since 2002 we have restructured the company and revamped the brand’s glorious past. Finally, we have a home where we can hang the paintings portraying John Boultbee and Boultbee Brooks, the father and son who founded and made the company flourish during the first 86 years of its history, between 1866 and 1952. But mostly we have another possibility to show to our fans how much we care and how much passion we put in what we do.

As a marketing director of Brooks, I don’t have many occasions to write on this blog, but today I felt like it was a great opportunity to contribute. I hope the readers will excuse me if this post might sound a bit corporate.

So now I come to the list of people to thank for the great work we’ve done to create this tasteful little shop: Fabio, our creative director, Maurizio and Paul, our retail consultants, Alessandro and Stefan, our architects, Simone, Oscar, Andrea, Renato, Dennis and Romeo, the contractors, Michela, our communication manager, James, our graphic designer, Luke and Tom, for the copper theme, Steven, Stefano, Paolo, Alberto and all the team in the office in Italy and at the factory in England who took care of legal, bureaucratic and logistic aspects.

Finally I’d like to thank Cristina, the managing director of Brooks England Ltd, for promoting and coordinating the project and the activities that allowed us to open the shop, and Nicola and Barbara, the general manager and the CEO of the Selle Royal Group, who believed in this new venture.

Now good luck to the new collegues, Stephen, Mark and Sergio who start working today at B1866!


P.S. Should you want to know more about the shop and what’s going on there, please visit:



36 Earlham St
Seven Dials

The Shop Front at 36 Earlham Street, Seven Dials, London WC2H 9LH

The basement where we take special orders of custom made coloured saddles.

The display of Brooks Saddles. The complete range is stocked at B1866.

The colour options for custom made saddles and a limited edition Paul Smith for Mercian track bike.

The Hampstead Holdall on a Retrovelo city bike and the display of John Boultbee clothing.

The timeline of company history under the saddle display.

The B1866 shop sign made of copper.

The Cambridge Rain Cape on the copper plate.

The Barbican Leather, one of our Legacy Bags. MADE IN ENGLAND

A soft leather version of the Brixton Shoulder Bag. MADE IN ITALY

From back to front Stephen, Mark, Steven, Sergio, the faces of B1866.

On the top, a Tout Terrain Grande Route, one of the finest German expedition bicycles.

The bike is equipped with our Land’s End and John O’Groats waterproof travel panniers

Michela, Cristina and Andrea on 15 November after preparing the shop for the opening.

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  1. DC 
    Posted 3:35 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    Very upset. These photos make me want to go SHOPPING immediately. Very bad for budget…but very stylish for bicycling. The palette of colors available now is delightful.

  2. Martyn 
    Posted 3:41 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    Wonderful! Today I’ve been restoring an old Brooks saddle then I come in and see this… Excellent, keep up the great work!

  3. Ene Catalin 
    Posted 3:44 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    Very nyce how an old place become to life with Brooks trend.

  4. SteveP 
    Posted 3:44 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    Any idea of the location/address? That would be good to know.

  5. Eoghan 
    Posted 4:08 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    Is the location of the shop a secret?

    An address would be helpful.

  6. David Lamm 
    Posted 4:13 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    I am a great fan of Brooks and would own every product offered were I in a better financial position. Congratulations on opening B1866. I wish you continued success and I applaud your efforts to preserve a fine tradition and fixture in our world of cycling.

  7. Christopher D. Lowry 
    Posted 4:34 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    Hey folks!

    Good luck with your store B1866! :-) I wish I could afford to come to London and shop your store B1866…

    Well… good luck again!
    Christopher D. Lowry

    P.S. I do have Brooks saddle: B – 17 Titanium Brown. Over 5 years now and still good intact shape! Well done on that B – 17 Titanium Brown, I love it! Thank you to Brooks!

  8. Udo 
    Posted 4:40 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    Congratulation. Style, style, style !! Really great & amazing. Wonderful shop. Why we don’t have such a kind of shop in bavaria ? Udo

  9. Tim Benson 
    Posted 4:45 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    Oh Joy, Oh Rapture, I am complete can’t wait to come and see you guys!

  10. Philip Chisholm 
    Posted 5:09 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    Where English traditional hand made quality craftsmanship delivers a leather bicycle seats of distinction. Such affordable comfort to cycles down our green country lanes, through busy town or simply to picnics upon far higher ground. Brooks since 1886, keep peddling.

  11. rc Bitz 
    Posted 5:17 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    Congratulation and Good Luck with the store, look so amazing a real treat for Brooks Fans.

    Hope to visit one day.

  12. Bert Both 
    Posted 5:24 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    Wow, just like it shout be, oldfasion blinds for the windows, low ceiling rough painted stone walls and not to big. Just perfect.

  13. owen k 
    Posted 5:26 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    Minneapolis, MN needs this

  14. Vinter 
    Posted 5:32 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    Super and good luck

  15. Roger Bourne 
    Posted 6:00 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    I wish you every success in the venture, it’s good to see a business with the conviction to quality rather than down to a price. I live in Scotland so I doubt I will get down, but the pics are very impressive!

  16. Yant 
    Posted 6:08 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    Looks great. Any chance of getting the address, I’ve read this twice and can’t seem to find it.

  17. Chris Becker 
    Posted 6:27 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    Congratulations! The new store looks great, I ‘ll have to put it on my pilgrimage list when I get over there in 2 years. Maybe get an invite to the factory also??

  18. Augsburg 
    Posted 6:33 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    Very nice! Can’t wait to visit the store on my next trip to the Big Smoke.

    Loved the Khaki Gray Retrovelo – I have the exact same bike with the same color at my Tucson, Arizona home – the color works well in London and the dessert southwest.


  19. Mark Brooks 
    Posted 7:03 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    I am very excited for you and a huge fan! I live in the states now but always follow what’s going on, my Mum lives in Brum. My swift saddle for my road bike is incredible and has been used for thousand of miles. Yeah and I love the name.

    Thanks Mark Brooks

  20. simon firth 
    Posted 9:42 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    The store looks fantastic! great job by everyone involved & best of luck for the future. Cant wait to visit.

  21. Peter Schröder 
    Posted 10:15 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    Hi friends
    The interior decoration and trimm, goes perfectly with your excellent traditionel and modern products.
    And outside:
    “Diagon Alley” is real :-)

    Congratulation and all the best, from Germany

    Peter Schröder

  22. Woody 
    Posted 10:32 pm
    16 Nov 2013

    Weel done Cutty Sark! as Tam O’Shanter cried out.

    B1866 is now on my “Bucket List” when I eventually manage to return to my home country(Scotland if you hadn’t already guessed)

    52 years of cycling and my Brooks has been there all along. Even more years than that ‘cos my father had a Brooks as well….on an old Sun tandem with a “Swallow” sidecar

    I’m so happy that the industry has allowed your renaissance and to see so many Brooks products actually in use in Sunny Oz is pure pleasure to an old traditionalist like me.

    Onwards and Upwards,

    Woody in Karuah. NSW

  23. ANDREA 
    Posted 12:24 am
    17 Nov 2013

    36 Earlham Street
    Seven Dials
    London WC2H 9LH
    T +44 (0)20 7836 9968

    Opening Hours
    Monday to Saturday
    10am to 7pm
    12pm to 6pm

  24. ANDREA 
    Posted 12:25 am
    17 Nov 2013

    We will organize factory tours in the future, so just ask to the shop manager or sign up for the shop newsletter at:

  25. ANDREA 
    Posted 12:27 am
    17 Nov 2013

    Nice last name Mark. Any ancestors related to the company?

  26. Rod Nordstat 
    Posted 2:36 am
    17 Nov 2013

    i live in Canada< your store looks great hope to visit some day soon!I am having a huge proble trying to purchace your prduct hear do you have any advice for me? thanks Rod

  27. Keith Spangler 
    Posted 5:56 am
    17 Nov 2013

    Brooks ~ amazing store for an outstanding product! Looks more like a museum than a store, fitting I think. I would love to visit someday. Happy Trails “Brooks”.

  28. Pete 
    Posted 7:19 am
    17 Nov 2013


    I will look forward to to a visit The New Shop looks smashing, lovely decorating style, and very nicely setout products. To see the these before purchase is becoming a luxury.

    I can see a new, larger sized, Cycling Cape on my list all ready. Congratulations Brooks.

  29. John H 
    Posted 9:10 am
    17 Nov 2013

    Fashion’s come and go,,,there is no replacing style !
    Hope to visit soon.

  30. David Henry 
    Posted 9:12 am
    17 Nov 2013

    Very impressed! It warms my heart to know that there are still places on the planet which haven’t compromised
    excellence. There is one shop here which handles your
    products. It is a high quality bike shop in the heart of
    down town Fort Worth, Texas.
    David Henry

  31. Manfred 
    Posted 11:44 am
    17 Nov 2013

    Wonderful to see that everything seems to go in the right direction for Brooks and most importened for the people working hard in behind the curtain to keep customers smiling around the globe. For sure I will spend a visit when I`m next in London.
    QUAD Musikwiedergabe

  32. Fred Turton 
    Posted 6:30 pm
    17 Nov 2013

    Its very refreshing to see a British company doing so well. Most of the cycle stuff seems to be Japanese or Italian, with anything with a British label being made in the Far East. Well done and fantastic.

  33. JAN 
    Posted 9:38 am
    18 Nov 2013

    Looks suberb. When does the first Brooksshop in the Netherlands opens?

  34. René Fraipont 
    Posted 9:57 am
    18 Nov 2013

    Congratulations ! Wish you a lot of success in the future.
    Will visit the shop on my next visit to London .
    Best regards from Belgium

  35. thomas bayerlein 
    Posted 1:08 pm
    18 Nov 2013

    Congratulations from all of us at Tarnsjo Tannery.
    Looks like a great place to visit and to feel the Brooks
    genuine atmosphere.

    all the best

  36. Kevan 
    Posted 1:17 pm
    18 Nov 2013

    Best of luck the store looks fantastic, well in keeping with your iconic brand, will certainly drop in next time I’m in ‘ye old Smoke’

  37. Charlie Widdows 
    Posted 9:28 pm
    18 Nov 2013

    Lovely store Andrea and Christina,

    Are there plans to roll out the concept into concessions? If so, I’d love to know if a Birmingham based company like Green Room Retail could get involved in the design, build and fit…

  38. Kevin 
    Posted 12:12 pm
    26 Nov 2013

    Nice addition to the ‘hood. Best of luck there!

  39. rc Bitz 
    Posted 6:12 pm
    5 Dec 2013

    Weakness got the better of me and I took the trip to the store, it did not disappoint. To see all the products in the ‘flesh’ was a delight and the staff where first class also.

    I came away the proud owner of a Brooks Barbican. The shopping experience was great and the presentation in a protective bag and retail bag was topped off with Brook’s informative leaflets.

    Credit to Brooks, keep up the good work. Want to go back now.

  40. minh 
    Posted 8:53 pm
    7 Dec 2013

    hi guys, thanks for being so accommodating on my visit. the store is really well done and a must stop for any Brooks lover when in London.

    PS. i love the coasters, perfect for my desk!

  41. Fabio D. C. 
    Posted 2:56 pm
    8 Dec 2013

    Fantastico negozio…
    Se volete aprire anche ad Assisi,
    san Francesco aspetta BROOKS 1866!!!

  42. Ian 
    Posted 4:24 pm
    16 Dec 2013

    Love it!!