Bike Book & Hatchet. The 3D Walk-In Rivendell Shop.

Note To Self. Go To California. Buy Bike, Buy Book, Buy Hatchet.

30 Oct 2013  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Bicycles, Friends, Saddles, Bags, Etc., Style & Fashion, Travel & Adventure Cycling, Urban Cycling

Grant Petersen’s Rivendell Bike Works is a name of renown among aficionados of the hand-built lugged steel frame. We’ve written about Rivendell in the past, and Grant himself has also been an occasional contributor to these pages. So either way, both he and his company should be well known to most Brooks Blog readers.

In 20 years of business Rivendell has placed Brooks saddles on top of some of the most thoughtfully designed, sturdily built and coveted bikes anywhere in the world; a few models went on display together earlier this year in San Francisco when an extremely well received week-long Rivendell pop-up store opened.

Not legal tender, even in BBH.

So it was with interest that we learned recently of the latest fiendishly hatched Rivendell scheme to make paupers of us all with their common-sense, no-pressure style of doing business. Just last week they opened a permanent retail premises in downtown Walnut Creek, California.

It’s called Rivendell Bike Book & Hatchet. Apart from bikes, books and hatchets, you can find all sorts of other useful life-tools like pine tar soap and high quality wool clothing. So if you’re -

(a) a California-based cycling enthusiast,

(b) a California-based book reader,

(c) a California-based chopper of wood,

(d) even just California-based,

(e) curious about becoming one or more of the above,

then we’re sure that a trip to BBH will translate into time well spent. Like its sister company Rivendell Bike Works, BBH is a small independent business that will need to have people coming in through its doors at a fairly steady clip, and ideally going back out through them carrying a hatchet or a book. So hie thee thither.

The Rivendell BBH Grand Opening bash is on November 15th, but if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, feel free to drop by before then.

Dial the number below, and that’s the phone that’ll be getting picked up.

Rivendell Bike Book & Hatchet
1601 North Main Street
Walnut Creek, CA.

Tel. (+1) 925 937 7224

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  1. Kurt Murray 
    Posted 6:11 pm
    31 Oct 2013

    I get the bikes, books and clothes. But how do the hachets fit in? Are they just trying to be über-hip? Bikes, books and coffee would make a whole lot more sense. Bikes, books and local artists? Bikes, books and touring/camping equipment?

    This doesn’t mean I don’t think Rivendell bikes are awesome.

  2. Gary J Boulanger 
    Posted 7:41 pm
    7 Dec 2013

    To understand Rivendell is to understand Grant’s love for adventure. He’s the farthest thing from hip; in fact, he’s more of a throwback to the quirky neighbor from ‘Leave it to Beaver’ in the 1950s, the one who always had fun.

    I’m looking forward to the December 14 open house!