Birmingham to Berlin- The Movie!

New film about a bike tour that ticks all the B's.

29 Nov 2011  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Stories, Travel & Adventure Cycling, Videos

Readers will recall our record breaking attempt a couple of months back to cram more photos into a single post about long distance touring than had ever been crammed before. The fruit of our efforts, was, of course, this veritable behemoth, and the people at Guinness have said they’ll be back on to us before Christmas.

It was, and remains, an honest, engaging, fun and above all lengthy literary and visual document of a “B”-centric bike trip made between Birmingham and Berlin this year by a group of people seeking to raise funds for cancer research.

They each had a Brooks on top, but this was, we trust, neither on account of local chauvinism, nor of the happy coincidence of our founder’s surname.

And as if all that text and and all those stills weren’t enough, today we are happy to bring yet another Birminghamulous bicycular Berlinering bulletin. The group has also now finished editing a film of their journey. Here it is…

Birmingham to Berlin from Matthew Cox FUAE on Vimeo.

Regular visitors to the Blog will be aware that we only rarely link to videos of more than a couple of minutes’ duration, but the troops at Boultbee Towers are in unanimous agreement that this one is well worth the price of your admission.


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