Brooks B18 Lady in Pink with Plump Grips

5 Jan 2011  |  Posted by BREGAN  |  Categories: Saddles, Bags, Etc.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we have released a pink version of our popular B18 model complete with matching Plump Grips for that special someone in your life.

Also special with this edition is the chrome carriage that delightfully accentuates the B18′s unique springs.

Available through any of the fine Brooks Dealers of Excellence while supplies last.

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  1. Paul ViennaCycleChic 
    Posted 1:54 pm
    19 Jan 2011

    I LIKE, this combination!
    great color and the ladies most fabulous part will love it!

    all the best,
    Vienna Cycle Chic // Wiener Radl Chic

  2. vintage velo 
    Posted 5:15 pm
    30 Apr 2011

    Loving this! Can we still buy this item?

  3. BREGAN 
    Posted 9:58 am
    2 May 2011

    Of course! Just hitting stores now…