Brooks is Closed.

29 Jul 2011  |  Posted by BREGAN  |  Categories: Correspondence, Monthly highlights

photo Roxy Erickson

On Monday 1st August 2011, Brooks England will close its factory doors again after 145 years in business. We wish to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to you, our loyal customers, whose patronage has kept us going from the height of the Industrial Revolution, onward through two world wars, and up to the contemporary ravages of globalisation.

photo Roxy Erickson

This decision comes as no surprise to us, and is furthermore unavoidable.  Therefore we will shut down our factory and offices – for two weeks - as we do each and every Summer. We require this pause that we may re-tool our machines and regain our collective physical strength before having a go at our 146th year making the world’s finest leather saddles, bags, and accessories for cycling.

photo Roxy Erickson

We will re-open our doors again on 16th August 2011. Please note that during this time, our online shop will be closed and all other communication outlets placed on standby, including this portal for social interaction. Thank you for your patience and sense of humour.

All the Best,

The Brooks Team

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  1. Ron Paulsen 
    Posted 2:21 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    Don’t scare me like that. I was all set to buy the last saddle Brooks made.

  2. David 
    Posted 2:22 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    Very good…..caught me getting a tad angry for a second or two. I’m saying” Brooks?? Closing?? What is going on in this world?? Caught me with the jab, you did. Enjoy the retooling machine and otherwise. I will return the whiskey to the shelf now

  3. Jon Grant 
    Posted 3:20 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    WHAT?! My favorite saddles gone forever?! Hoarding, price spikes?! AAAHH! Oh. Holiday. Good one, Brooks. Very cute. I’m sure you intended this to be funny. Perhaps I’ll see it that way after I lie down for a bit to let my pulse come back to resting pace.

  4. Tim Benson 
    Posted 3:55 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    You rotters you had me fooled, I nearly left the country. Britain without Brooks never.

  5. Alan Hodgson 
    Posted 3:56 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    As an ancient cyclist and user of Brooks saddles for many years I nearly had a heart attack at the first reading!

  6. gwadzilla 
    Posted 4:49 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    it did send a SCARY SHIVER down my spine

    enjoy your break

  7. Christophe Dunglas 
    Posted 5:16 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    Are you crazy??? My heart!
    “Bonnes vacances”

  8. Carlos 
    Posted 6:45 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    Heart skipped a beat!

  9. Jerry 
    Posted 7:31 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    All in a day’s news. You guys could have a job in the US congress… inventing a crisis that doesn’t exist!!!

  10. Jon Spangler 
    Posted 8:05 pm
    29 Jul 2011


    The panic from your “humorous” press release affected the colonies, too: the USA’s pending crisis over raising the national debt ceiling pales in comparison to the possibility of Brooks ending production…

    I’m just glad that my heart is strong and healthy after decades of cycling on English leather…….

    Jon Spangler
    beginning to recover in Alameda, California USA

  11. Naga Natio 
    Posted 8:06 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    its not funny fooling people like that :( hahahahahhaha

  12. BrunoD 
    Posted 8:21 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    I’m afraid with this bad news…..but where I can buy your stock ;-)

  13. Brad 
    Posted 8:30 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    Hahaha Ahh haha
    This is one of the best executed online hoaxes ever .
    Great job Brooks I was about to buy a plane ticket to the U.K. In hope of a factory liquidation sale .

    Keep it up guys , two weeks isn’t enough time for all your hard work .

  14. paul patzkowsky 
    Posted 8:52 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    April Fools in July? My heartrate jumped! Where would I get Brooks saddles for my bikes & what would they cost? Have a good vacation.

  15. Mark 
    Posted 9:09 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    Noooo…. That wasn’t even funny, I was about to get on the phone to friends in the Uk to ask them to buy everything they could find (not sure why as I haven’t managed to wear out a Brooks product yet – my current saddle and bar tape will outlast any bike in the garage).

    Anyway, next summer don’t do that to me..

  16. Tom 
    Posted 9:15 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    Warning: Profanity below..
    You bastards.

  17. Michael Halpin 
    Posted 9:42 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    It says something that so many people were upset to read the headline!

  18. Rob 
    Posted 10:01 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    Excellent prank. Y’all really had me going, and made me realize just how much I appreciate your saddles.

  19. Jim Avery 
    Posted 10:10 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    Have a super holiday!

  20. WOBLONG 
    Posted 10:12 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    I hope the nad who stole my bike with my perfectly broken-in saddle enjoys the shape of my perineum. Could I ever break another in? Perhaps. Loved that saddle.

  21. Ryan Merrill 
    Posted 10:12 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    I was thinking of ways to pay for 10 or more saddles before supply dried up. I guess I can put the credit card away now …. thankfully.

  22. A.W.G 
    Posted 10:30 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    I had a moment of panic there, I too was about to run out and buy several more B17′s.

    Brooks Forever!

  23. Bob Holland 
    Posted 10:46 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    April 1st comes late in Downing Street!

  24. Nick Rearden 
    Posted 11:14 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    That was a proper wind-up – well done and enjoy your holidays.

  25. Chris Doe 
    Posted 11:15 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    Oh Crikey…..
    I bought a B67 today after reading the first part (only) of this news thinking it was the end of the line! Thank goodness…….

  26. Bill Lambert 
    Posted 11:21 pm
    29 Jul 2011

    Ha! You almost had me (very convincing at first). However, had Brooks really been closing, EcoVelo would have announced the closing in bold letters and in an obituarial style.

    I did pull out the credit card and was getting ready to order at least 3 new saddles. I’m really happy they are reopening for their 146th year.

  27. BREGAN 
    Posted 12:08 am
    30 Jul 2011

    I swear I was just trying to entertain! Long live Brooks!

  28. BREGAN 
    Posted 12:09 am
    30 Jul 2011

    Ok, next summer we promise something less creative ;)

  29. Steve Ringlee 
    Posted 12:15 am
    30 Jul 2011

    I had to go out for a fresh pair of Depends, so shocking was this news. But enjoy the holiday and come back better than ever.

  30. Arnold Stonehouse 
    Posted 12:17 am
    30 Jul 2011

    Holy jumping Jehoshaphat! I nearly dropped my teeth! I have to say I was utterly dismayed by the opening statement.” Where will I go for the finest saddles on earth now” I asked myself? Of course no answer was forthcoming. Good one BROOKS and a very good 147th year to all your fine folk. Keep up the fabulous work OK? BFN.

  31. Robert Lech 
    Posted 1:00 am
    30 Jul 2011

    Cruel! And mean! But a good one. What a relief.

  32. David Harding 
    Posted 1:28 am
    30 Jul 2011

    Shock horror! Another gasp, then phew! from Alameda, California.

  33. Jay Are 
    Posted 1:33 am
    30 Jul 2011

    In the back of my mind while reading this I was saying glad I just bought and installed my new Brooks Flyer yesterday. You guys.

    Oh by the way I noticed on the Brooks Bugle in the picture of the factory picnic ride on the third page. Out of the 50 or so employees only four had safety helmets. That would be totally unacceptable in California. We’d be naked.

  34. shopper 
    Posted 1:40 am
    30 Jul 2011

    guys, i have a wicked bump on my head after i fell out of my chair and hit my head on the table then the floor where i knocked my pint from the table which fell on to my head. damn. what a waste of a freshly poured pint. you should be ashamed of yourselves! thank god i had another! pint that is.

  35. Andrew Priest 
    Posted 2:18 am
    30 Jul 2011

    If you are going to claim 145 years of being in business (read English history) can you please spell in English. Globalization is spelt globalizsation :)

    Nice work but.


  36. Andrew Priest 
    Posted 2:19 am
    30 Jul 2011

    Whoops, that should be globalisation not globalizsation. Now I am just as bad :)

  37. Brian Prugalidad 
    Posted 3:52 am
    30 Jul 2011

    WTF?! Almost shed a tear… Good one, guys! But, more importantly, glad you’re going to be around for another 145 years. Cheers!

  38. Deborah 
    Posted 4:18 am
    30 Jul 2011

    Bloody hell ! I’ve enough grey hairs already ! But..enjoy your hols ! X

  39. Brooks is closed 
    Posted 5:25 am
    30 Jul 2011

    [...] is closed Is this a joke? The Brooks England Blog Brknteeth Reply With Quote   + Reply to Thread « [...]

  40. Daniel 
    Posted 5:37 am
    30 Jul 2011

    There was me about to empty my bank account stocking up on Brooks saddles for my current, planned and barely even conceived bike builds!

  41. David 
    Posted 5:38 am
    30 Jul 2011

    You you ^%%^&%$$$ horrid horrid little grrrr. When I saw the tweet and jumped to the blog I was already calculating what on-line stores I could immediately order 3 brooks saddles from as they would have to last me the rest of my life in case anything happened to the ones I already have!

    That was really lowwwwww you guys :) Although made me realise how important it is to know there is still a brooks saddle factory in this world. Have a lovely well deserved vacation. Your saddles, plus a brompton, are a big part of my daily life.

  42. Al Dray, NZ 
    Posted 9:56 am
    30 Jul 2011

    Never Close! Your Empire Needs You!

    Brooks, live forever..
    I ride
    B83 (’55 Raleigh 4-speed)
    Flyer Special (2010)
    B66 (2009)
    B18 (yes, I’m male, but it looks good on my ’39 loop frame)
    .. and a Professional – in a box for 20 years, not sure where..

  43. Quelques news estivales… | VELOFUN 
    Posted 11:10 am
    30 Jul 2011

    [...] blog de Brooks, l’historique fabricant de selles cultes, annonce une nouvelle terrible : l’usine ferme. La suite dès que vous avez repris vos esprits (je sais un infarctus la première fois ça fait [...]

  44. Luis 
    Posted 11:14 am
    30 Jul 2011

    Holy shit, why would you do that?

  45. Andrew J. SMith 
    Posted 11:20 am
    30 Jul 2011

    I shall not describe the odd feeling in my disgestive system I had when I read the first paragraphs…ooo, gotta go.


  46. Denis 
    Posted 11:45 am
    30 Jul 2011

    Oh, oh, oh… this is perfect for guys who don’t read all articles…. That’s good !!!
    Have nice holidays !

  47. Reingelegt. | Urban mobil 
    Posted 12:33 pm
    30 Jul 2011

    [...] der Hersteller der berühmten Leder-Fahrradsättel am 29. Juli in seinem Blog. Also noch schnell einkaufen gehen und ein paar Sättel auf Halde legen, es wird ja keine mehr [...]

  48. Justin 
    Posted 3:54 pm
    30 Jul 2011

    You buggers

    Good luck for next year.

  49. Dave marquez 
    Posted 4:14 pm
    30 Jul 2011

    I have a Brooks on my new bike, I had a Brooks on the bike that was stolen (that’s why I have a new bike), and I have a 20 year old Brooks on my old bike which I have logged thousands of miles and hours in. Hopefully in 3 years I will be able to buy a 150th anniversary Brooks saddle to replace this faithful friend and servant
    Your products are a shining example of what craftsmanship and artistry can do in the 21st century!

  50. Allan 
    Posted 5:12 pm
    30 Jul 2011

    No publicity like bad publicity. I was put into damage control mode over this because your publicity stunt is propagating. Thanks. You guys stink!

  51. Sheilia Scott 
    Posted 5:35 pm
    30 Jul 2011

    My first B17 lasted for 35 years on my (single) road bike, but the replacement B17 proved to be more than my aging butt could tolerate on the stoker’s seat of the tandem that had become my daily ride; however the “new” saddle and that single bike now are permanently set in a trainer-stand for winter conditioning riding indoors and our “family car” is a pair of linked Greenspeed recumbent trikes… even so, the horror that I felt at that headline !!! was NOT what I needed, first thing in the morning ! Have a good vacation, y’all.

  52. Martin T Mika 
    Posted 6:30 pm
    30 Jul 2011

    I almost died

  53. BREGAN 
    Posted 6:39 pm
    30 Jul 2011

    Everyone Deserves a vacation, even our machines!

  54. Ian Liversidge 
    Posted 9:25 pm
    30 Jul 2011

    Everyone knows that England is famous for “The Pub”, “Fish’n'chips” and best of all “Brooks”!!

    I only read the headline then headed to the online shop!!

  55. bikesgonewild 
    Posted 9:53 pm
    30 Jul 2011

    …sheesh !!!…saw the headline & immediately looked into my ‘checking account’ with an intent to purchase for a future bike…

    …whew, safe for now…

    …may you folks (& your machines) enjoy the break…

  56. Dean VanLaarhoven 
    Posted 11:44 pm
    30 Jul 2011

    With five small children in the house, I won’t know the joy and passion that you all are eluding to for many years to come! When my childrn are grown, I will begin saving for my first Brooks!

  57. Dave 
    Posted 1:41 am
    31 Jul 2011

    A bit of Proofhide may have made that less traumatic.
    Enjoy your hols.

  58. Dwayne Lee 
    Posted 4:34 am
    31 Jul 2011

    Are you Kidding, this has to be a Joke!

    I worked for Raleigh Bicycles of England,

    and was introduced to the “Brooks” saddle.

    It is truly the “best seat in house”, there is

    no comparison, period!!!!!!!!!!

    All I have to say is, “Please Don’t Do This, Reconsider”

  59. BREGAN 
    Posted 10:44 am
    31 Jul 2011

    What we posted is completely accurate, we are not kidding.

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    Posted 11:09 am
    31 Jul 2011

    [...] Brooks is closing down [...]

  61. dp 
    Posted 11:40 am
    31 Jul 2011

    Let’s see you try that again next year!

  62. Allan 
    Posted 12:08 pm
    31 Jul 2011

    Bloody hell! What would I have ordered for my Moulton later this year? I was shattered but now am laughing.
    Good one!!!!!!

  63. Rob Tomlinson 
    Posted 3:03 pm
    31 Jul 2011

    Crikey!! You scared the hell out of me! Been riding Brooks saddled ever since the 60s, First bike was a Raleigh International that had a Brooks Pro, Unfortunately it was stolen. I now own a Witcomb, a rare Dunelt 10 speed and a Bob Jackson. All with Brooks Pros. I am looking for a Swallow for my Claud Butler track bike! Best saddles ever made!

  64. jb 
    Posted 5:56 pm
    31 Jul 2011

    this wasn’t funny at all! and then, i laught…

  65. Dario 
    Posted 11:49 pm
    31 Jul 2011

    Volio farme far un colpo ? Son in ferie , per piaser go una certa eta , xe caldo , no xe da dar set notissie in sta maniera !!
    ghe scometo che xe na idea de Andrea , va a remengo !

  66. Julian 
    Posted 3:30 am
    1 Aug 2011

    For a moment, I thought I was not just some idiot with an addiction to purchasing and hoarding your saddles, but a very rich man.

  67. Diffo 
    Posted 8:08 am
    1 Aug 2011

    He he HA ha ! Brooks goes east ? Please no.

    Had me for a moment.

    Happy holidays people. I hope your holidays involve cycling ?

  68. Stuart Agutter 
    Posted 4:36 pm
    2 Aug 2011

    Hah! Fooled a lot of people there you rascals! I was hoping to snag a Swallow on clearance for my 1953 Claud and get a 1952 B17 recovered and now I’m going to have to wait a whole two more weeks. Never mind, I’m in no rush, enjoy the holidays and the maintenance.

  69. Onscuba 
    Posted 7:56 pm
    2 Aug 2011

    That’s as good as spaghetti growing on trees… have to be older than 45 to have any idea about that! Tho’ I almost downed a bottle of scotch with the headline. Think I’ll take the rest as medicine to calm me down…phew!

  70. Alan M 
    Posted 11:08 am
    6 Aug 2011

    Rat bags, swines, toe rags, rotters, scoundrels, rapscallions, scallywags. Was just about to launch a full frontal attack on George Osborne and the rest of the politicians and bankers that have landed us in the current mess… Now where’s me blood pressure tablets???

  71. Martin 
    Posted 11:33 am
    6 Aug 2011

    What a poor joke. I nearly got a stroke. Have a good time and greetings from Germany.

  72. Thomas Ponder 
    Posted 11:45 am
    6 Aug 2011

    You know my heart dropped when I read that. When you get to be my age when something shuts down that means the end… Thank God a corner stone of the biking community just pulling a joke on us.. Okay carry on..:)))

  73. Roderick Bruckdorfer 
    Posted 1:05 pm
    6 Aug 2011

    My heart almost stopped when I read “Brooks Closed.”

  74. Bill Smith 
    Posted 1:10 pm
    6 Aug 2011

    I was almost out the door to see if there were any saddles left to purchase! Got me!

  75. Gargoyl 
    Posted 1:39 pm
    6 Aug 2011

    Puh…. I was foxed for some seconds… and happy that you will go on, to make the best saddles in the world!

  76. Bobby 
    Posted 2:05 pm
    6 Aug 2011

    I thought, “Just when I was going to buy my first Brooks saddle…%#@*&!”
    See you when you get back :)

  77. Roadiepro 
    Posted 3:13 pm
    6 Aug 2011

    Children of unmarried parentage. Nearly put me into Ventricular Fibrillation. Have a good holiday. (DONT do that to me again). :-)

  78. Alan Sturk 
    Posted 4:02 pm
    6 Aug 2011

    You cannot close a Brook. You can however dam it, divert it, pipe it or pump it.
    I do not wish to saddle you with any more worthless information

  79. CLB 
    Posted 5:15 pm
    6 Aug 2011

    Headline sure made us skip a few heartbeats here in Taiwan!

  80. matt lynch 
    Posted 7:19 pm
    6 Aug 2011

    i just pooped a little bit !!

  81. tim 
    Posted 12:51 am
    7 Aug 2011

    Bugger, had me nervous in NZ!

  82. ANDREA 
    Posted 6:03 am
    7 Aug 2011

    For those who can’t read Venetian dialect, here is a translation of what renowned Italian frame builder Dario Pegoretti wrote:

    “Do you want me to have a heart attack? I’m on holiday, I am rather old, it’s hot, and this is not the way to release news! I guess it’s Andrea’s idea, go to hell!”

    Here is the original:

    “Volio farme far un colpo ? Son in ferie , per piaser go una certa eta , xe caldo , no xe da dar set notissie in sta maniera !! ghe scometo che xe na idea de Andrea , va a remengo!”

    But this post was not my idea.

  83. Matt 
    Posted 2:25 pm
    9 Aug 2011

    BAD FORM!!! BAD FORM!!! My heart sank so low. As a stuck my head into the gas oven on full blast, I thought I should double check…whew!

  84. Al B 
    Posted 3:53 pm
    9 Aug 2011

    Very funny. You scared the living s**t out of me! Before having read the entire text, my first thought was to rush and buy a Team Pro before it was too late and they were all sold out, to accompany my lovely B17 Special and gorgeous Titanium Swift. And even now, with normalized heart rate and my living s**t back on the inside, I think i gotta get myself a Team Pro. I won´t be able to relax before I´ve got one. Keep up the good work and stop fooling people like that!

  85. steven smith 
    Posted 9:37 pm
    22 Aug 2011

    Just found the most comfy saddle Iv’e ever had, then read that the factory was closing! had to read the rest as I was going to remortgage so I could get a job lot! FUNNNYYY………..

  86. Michael J Rodney Sr 
    Posted 6:01 pm
    24 Aug 2011

    After spending inumerable hours at this computer, researching potential saddle replacements…..and after coming to the conclusion that a Brooks Saddle would win the day……I saw this blog entry. Like all the others, my heart sunk until I read on……..I think I will send you my old, uncomfortable saddle……just to get even :)

  87. Phil K (Lebanon, Pennsylvania) 
    Posted 8:18 pm
    26 Aug 2011

    I’m a little late in reading the announcement, nevertheless, I, too, immmediately thought of buying several saddles in order to hoard them.

    I applaud the humour and intelligence of whomever wrote the announcement. Not bad for a Brit!

  88. Steve Astbury 
    Posted 4:10 pm
    30 Aug 2011

    I remember the fire at the Raleigh works in 1969 , i was 9 years old and walked from Great Arthur street to watch the fire.its stuck in my mind to this day watching the fire brigade fighting the blaze, the power of the hoses was breaking the windows.Does anybody else remember this fire?

  89. Stretch 
    Posted 12:02 pm
    1 Sep 2011

    Christ on a bike, I nearly had a heart attack.

    My delightfully cossetted buttocks would miss their arseful of leathery goodness if you ever were to close. Cycling without a brooks saddle is for the lower orders only.

  90. Ralf Grosser 
    Posted 5:56 pm
    1 Sep 2011

    Please don’t scare me like this again. I aged 145 years when I read this.
    Hope you enjoyed your two weeks off.

  91. Alberto Acera 
    Posted 10:29 pm
    12 Sep 2011

    Sólo van a cerrar por unos días… Leí la noticia en forma incompleta y pensé que la globalización se había impuesto al criterio de calidad de la empresa y a la tradición que representa. Los ciclistas de alma acompañamos los, por lo menos, 150 años más de esos sillines extraordinarios.

  92. robert kearns 
    Posted 10:37 am
    13 Sep 2011

    british humour……..

  93. garemeister 
    Posted 8:37 pm
    15 Sep 2011

    har, har. your scheme to see who loves you worked. we gushed for you on queue. fine, you deserve it. now please, don’t kid us like that again. some of us, myself included, have hearts made only of flesh, not of flint or iron as you imagine.

  94. BREGAN 
    Posted 1:58 pm
    20 Sep 2011

    The gushing took us completely by surprise and we were genuinely touched. However, for the future:

    “note to self”…

  95. David 
    Posted 8:43 pm
    22 Sep 2011

    I was shocked then actually getting rather emotional and nearly teary so I went to and fro looking for more information. Would I have to stock up on a 5th Brooks and more just incase 1 dies before me (Iam 46 after all- one has to think of my retirement world tour). Then ahh it’s just a holiday, happy again for the best saddle manufacturer in the universe and happy for my rear side.
    We love you.

  96. Harry 
    Posted 12:49 pm
    27 Sep 2011

    Mit sowas scherzt man nicht! Ich hatte fast Tränen in den Augen!

  97. Mr Christopher 
    Posted 10:27 pm
    6 Dec 2011

    Ha ha ha not funny. Almost have me a stroke.

  98. Sherlock77 
    Posted 6:32 pm
    20 Jan 2012

    Thank goodness you are still in business as I was about to buy yet another saddle. You had me worried

  99. San Diego Cyclist 
    Posted 12:16 am
    28 Feb 2012

    That’s it. I’m not taking this c**p. Once I die, I will never buy another item from Brooks!! My decision is final!!

  100. Alistiar 
    Posted 7:10 pm
    24 Jul 2012

    ye. had to stop and think about that

  101. Jacques 
    Posted 4:57 am
    3 Aug 2012

    Bonne blague. Vous m’avez bien eu, même si l’annonce datait d’un an. Je me demandais comment j’avais pu rater cette désolante et fracassante nouvelle et j’étais sur le point de me précipiter à ma boutique de vélo pour mettre la main sur ce qui lui restait.