Brooks New Advertising Campaign

18 Apr 2014  |  Posted by BREGAN  |  Categories: Heritage, Monthly highlights, Style & Fashion, Urban Cycling

“Stopping Traffic Since 1866″ is the title of the new Brooks print campaign appearing in cycling and lifestyle magazines worldwide.  The ad focuses on the ever-growing range of Brooks Cycle Bags, highlighting some of the new styles and colours making their way to a Dealer of Excellence nearest you.

Inopportunely, the ad production came in December during a rather cold spell in London which required a freezing day out near London City Airport, inconveniencing more than a few friends and colleagues.  Two of those Brooks people on hand took the time to run around and record the days’ shivering for posterity.

For a look at the complete range of Brooks Cycle Bags, click here

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  1. Hamish Watts 
    Posted 1:24 am
    1 May 2014

    Fabulous image at the end of that shoot… capturing the essence of many Brooks products in a natural yet holistic environment. When is your next shoot in Tokyo – I’m in :)

  2. Jimmy 
    Posted 7:00 am
    1 May 2014

    Great feeling! Makes me proud of my ‘BROOKS’ gear! Thanks

  3. William Wilson 
    Posted 12:06 am
    3 May 2014

    Hello: Just thank you Brooks.For such amazing products.