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The Lowdown On Our Latest Storage Solution For Cyclists.

23 Feb 2012  |  Posted by BREGAN  |  Categories: Saddles, Bags, Etc., Travel & Adventure Cycling

The Land’s End and John O’Groats astride the finest from Condor in London

Brooks Saddles are loved the world over by long distance cycling travelers. These hardy men and women of the road choose Brooks to ensure that their distance attempts are not thwarted by such an ironic thing as sitting.

Because of this, since many, many, years going back to our catalogues of the early 20th century, Brooks has had a close relationship with these adventurers, and has been producing other accessories to assist the transportation of one’s belongings since in fact before the modern bicycle was invented.

A pair of Groatses, itching to be fitted adjacent to somebody’s front wheel.

As times have changed, so have some of the materials used by the bicyclist, cycling luggage being no exception. With this in mind, Brooks has developed a set of bags to accompany the long-distance traveler, or anyone else wishing to transport their belongings in comfort and style.

We introduce to you the John O’Groats (front) and Land’s End (rear) travel panniers. They are named after the famous “Land’s End to John O’Groats” cycle route which traverses the island of Great Britain between its furthermost extremities. Hundreds of cyclists attempt the 874-mile route yearly, to face the challenge of Britain’s terrain and climate.

Frank will doubtless soon be able to pass verdict on our new panniers.

Each bag is constructed from an exclusive waterproof textile whose seams are welded and combined with a roll-top closure to form an impregnable barrier against water, with the external pocket on the John O’Groats also featuring a ventilated outer pocket. The material is protected on the bottom by a durable polyurethane guard.

The unique closure system allows for a variable height when transporting smaller loads.

The symmetrical shape allows you to use each bag both on the right and left side. Included is the Rixen and Kaul universal rail attachment system with adjustable hook position for standard carriers Ø 8/10/12mm, 16mm carriers and other systems.

WEIGHT = Front pannier 690gr – Rear pannier 970gr
LITRES = Front pannier 10 – 13 litres – Rear pannier 17,5 – 22 litres

This brace of Land’s Ends can house up to 44 litres. That’s a lot of tea.

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  1. Bill 
    Posted 3:31 pm
    24 Feb 2012

    Nice looking bags. I wonder, though, why pannier marketing (from most any manufacturer) never shows the back of the bags? The attachment system is an important part of the bag.

  2. anukexpat 
    Posted 8:57 pm
    27 Feb 2012

    Which model of Condor is featured in the pics please? Thanks.

  3. CJ 
    Posted 4:57 pm
    15 Mar 2012

    I’m from Condor. The bike featured is a steel Condor Heritage in custom Champagne colourway.


  4. BREGAN 
    Posted 7:49 am
    16 Mar 2012

    Thanks, Claire!