Brooks. Unquestionable British Tradition.

22 Mar 2011  |  Posted by BREGAN  |  Categories: Monthly highlights, Saddles, Bags, Etc., Videos

For those of you who have written to applaud us on our previous efforts to create beautiful and unusual advertising, we proudly present an inside look behind the scenes of our latest effort, entitled, “Brooks. Unquestionable British Tradition.”

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  1. tandaylor 
    Posted 10:51 am
    22 Mar 2011

    Excellent. Its great to see behind the scenes footage – especially stuff that doesn’t patronise.

  2. Ken Wallace 
    Posted 4:23 pm
    22 Mar 2011

    Lovely peek behind-the-scenes. Very much enjoying my first Brooks saddle.

  3. Gilles Théberge 
    Posted 4:50 pm
    22 Mar 2011

    Excellent travail…excellent produit.


  4. Martin Mika 
    Posted 5:15 pm
    22 Mar 2011

    Amazing advancements in Brooks advertising campaign. I would expect no less!

  5. karl 
    Posted 5:20 pm
    22 Mar 2011

    very well done, love my Brooks saddles even more now.

  6. Bob Rasner 
    Posted 6:03 pm
    22 Mar 2011

    As my British friends would say, “Lovely”.

  7. David 
    Posted 6:12 pm
    22 Mar 2011

    Foxy ad! I loved it. I’m sure that just knowing about your new campaign will help with any saddle soreness that I might encounter when the bicycling season gets underway in Iowa, USA.

  8. Günther 
    Posted 6:25 pm
    22 Mar 2011

    Un seul qualificatif: superbe!
    Aussi bien pour l’image que pour les produits de votre maison.
    Ma selle Brooks contribue fortement à mon plaisir quotidien.

  9. anthony o donoghue 
    Posted 7:19 pm
    22 Mar 2011

    Fanastic photo,very natural.

  10. Ken 
    Posted 7:31 pm
    22 Mar 2011


  11. Simon in Easton 
    Posted 8:00 pm
    22 Mar 2011

    Woof, woof…

  12. Philippe Godefroid 
    Posted 8:26 pm
    22 Mar 2011

    Simply perfect advertising for great traditional products.
    Thank you for that.

  13. Andrew McIndoe 
    Posted 8:31 pm
    22 Mar 2011

    This is brilliant. I love it. Which creative agency did you use?
    Congratulations on the campaign this is what British cycling needs to revive.

  14. Stefaan Wensch 
    Posted 8:36 pm
    22 Mar 2011

    Nice story telling picture.

  15. LuckyChow99 
    Posted 8:58 pm
    22 Mar 2011

    Well done! Very classy piece, just like your saddles.

  16. Joff 
    Posted 9:57 pm
    22 Mar 2011

    Great advert, all my bikes have Brooks saddles on them, get more comfortable as the years go by.

  17. Michael 
    Posted 1:49 am
    23 Mar 2011

    Briliant, like you saddles.

  18. David Bolles 
    Posted 2:02 am
    23 Mar 2011

    This ad is nice. Can’t say I’ve seen many others from Brooks as I’m relatively new to the cycling addiction..
    Something like this could be fun as a limited edition print(maybe with other ads?)
    Of course you can sell this print alone for 60 pounds/ 100 USdollars :)
    Love the ad, love the saddles.

  19. Erik Kittle 
    Posted 2:36 am
    23 Mar 2011

    Nice to see actual photographs used with minimal computer editing. A rarity these days. A job well done from a true class act.

  20. peter. 
    Posted 7:41 am
    23 Mar 2011

    Ik heb mijn zadel nu een jaar. Het is even wennen maar voor mij geen andere zadels meer. Prima Zadel.

  21. Chris 
    Posted 7:42 am
    23 Mar 2011

    I own a Brooks but after watching this video I don’t want to buy another saddle. A month for a photo? Waste of money. Better to donate the money to a world charity or the workers making your reputation. Let your rep be set by word of mouth, don’t spoil it with fake fog like this.

  22. Henrik 
    Posted 7:47 am
    23 Mar 2011

    I like it a lot. Great done.
    And nice fox too ;)

  23. Javier 
    Posted 8:08 am
    23 Mar 2011

    Very nice photograph sesion, and better final photo. But I like even more my brooks sadle confort.
    Very thank you for do not only do very big efford in advertisment. You do very well in your products.
    Thanks and best regards.

  24. Martin Bridge 
    Posted 9:55 am
    23 Mar 2011

    As a former Graphic Design student – and one who is just starting to break-in his new Brooks B17*, I had initial reservations about this ad. (I loathe foxhunting!) However, as the storyline unfolds, it is a superb piece of creative company PR – “well done” to all concerned.
    The fox is absolutley gorgeous, (tho’ I’d guess it had to be ‘comped’ into a later shot, featuring those hounds!) Any posters to sell? *Other local road cyclists have nicknamed me “baboon a*s” – but, sorry boys; my saddle’s breaking-in period is going very well so far!

  25. Marco 
    Posted 10:02 am
    23 Mar 2011

    One of the cleverest ads I’ve seen this year.
    Hunting sucks, long life to foxes and barn owls!

  26. João Henrique Grossi Sad Jr. 
    Posted 11:16 am
    23 Mar 2011

    Wonderful image. I love my Brooks saddle, and I’d like to ask you a favor : could you post making of scenes of the ad that shows a guard, a bicycle and an unquestionable naked girl ?

  27. Jon Murray 
    Posted 12:24 pm
    23 Mar 2011

    Really nice, thanks for showing us. Of course I don’t really need an ad to tell me that my Brooks saddle is the best there is (and I bought it because of word of mouth and forum posts, not ads) but entertainment is always appreciated.

  28. David Vieira 
    Posted 4:45 pm
    23 Mar 2011

    Loved it so much!!! Great scene and pictures. The idea also great!! Well done guys!!!

  29. Jeff Bolthouse 
    Posted 4:52 pm
    23 Mar 2011

    The comfort improvement from my Brooks saddle is almost a miracle, for only $100.00!

  30. LD Hefflin 
    Posted 5:32 pm
    23 Mar 2011

    Gentlemen — I dearly enjoyed your presentation of the shooting of your new advertising program. The setting was surely
    magnificent in its tranquility and beauty. The setting mirrored, in its simplicity and elegance, those qualities we find
    so desirable in your products. The finished product of this photographic shoot will fit your advertising needs as well
    as my trusty Brooks saddles fit my posterior needs.

  31. Mike Loomis 
    Posted 6:20 pm
    23 Mar 2011

    high quality ad- high quality seat! Brooks is not to be out foxed.

  32. Honor Spitz 
    Posted 8:26 pm
    23 Mar 2011

    Lovely, without question!! Beautifully told story with lots of heart.

  33. Dean 
    Posted 2:22 am
    24 Mar 2011

    Awesome photo,
    And loving my Honey B17

  34. Phil Nicholls 
    Posted 9:31 am
    24 Mar 2011

    And where might we buy this photo as a poster?

  35. Rowland 
    Posted 11:08 am
    24 Mar 2011

    As a just-retired Marketing man I was really interested to see the work that had gone into this ad. It is a total success.

  36. Bill 
    Posted 4:53 pm
    24 Mar 2011

    But won’t the hounds just catch the foxes scent and gather round? What good to hide behind a tree?

  37. bernhard 
    Posted 6:00 pm
    26 Mar 2011

    This has nothing to do anymore with the product or cycling. It must the work of an advertising agency with no affinity with cycling. Two road bikes in the forest? A man and a lady with protecting a fox from the hunters? What’s so Unquestionable British Tradition about that? Do the brits always go road cycling off-road??? I can completely imagine the advertising agency going like; yeah and we make a nice video to go viral, its going to be so now. Where actually they demonstrate how ignorant they are.
    Thank god the product is still decent, shame it doesnt show that.

  38. John OHalloran 
    Posted 8:42 pm
    29 Mar 2011

    This is a very exciting advertisement for me as I actually own a yellow Tommasini Super Prestige bike exactly the same as the one featured in this add. What a great concept.

  39. Derek J.Wood 
    Posted 10:26 pm
    2 Apr 2011

    A great advert it is so unusual and yet so traditionally English. With Brooks being such a natural addition to this scene. Very clever.

  40. Gerhard Payr 
    Posted 2:53 pm
    14 Apr 2011

    A very nice idea. Thank all of you for your courage. It would not make sense in Austria, where we live, but I still enjoy the Brooks on my mountain bike.

  41. Norton COOPER 
    Posted 8:41 pm
    20 Apr 2011

    Wooof. Very powerful advert, with a strong British atmosphere. Makes me proud to have a Brooks saddle on my bike. Keep us dreaming.
    Too bad you don’t make posters out of the ad, and desktop background image at different screen resolutions for download.
    Keep up the excellent work


  42. BREGAN 
    Posted 4:56 pm
    21 Apr 2011

    Posters on the way…

  43. Chuey 
    Posted 7:37 am
    3 May 2011

    Why protect a fox from humans? Why not protect a cow from humans? Ah, the irony!


  44. Suze 
    Posted 11:25 pm
    18 May 2011

    Fantastic final shot and wonderful to see the process of creating it.

  45. Rolf Greeven 
    Posted 7:30 pm
    19 May 2011

    sensetiv advertising, compliment !!

  46. MH 
    Posted 5:58 pm
    5 Jun 2011

    May I have a poster, or print, of this lovely ad?

  47. Rosemary Griffiths 
    Posted 12:04 pm
    17 Jun 2011

    My friend Claire and I had a wonderful day at Burnham Beeches participating in the film shoot, and meeting everyone involved. My foxhounds thoroughly enjoyed themselves running up and down the hill, through the leaves and mud.

    Frank, I think the finished result is a triumph, and I would love a poster of it on my wall. Look forward to filming with you again sometime.

    Best Regards Rosemary.

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    30 Jun 2011

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  49. Jack Ayre 
    Posted 12:34 am
    13 Jul 2011

    Totally amazing. Beautiful.

  50. Fred Darsow 
    Posted 6:25 am
    28 Aug 2011

    I honestly would be interested in getting/buying a poster, or print, of this wonderful ad. I thought this the minute I saw it.
    Any possibility?

  51. Mike B 
    Posted 5:14 pm
    5 Sep 2011

    I also would be a print of this if available. I’ve already contacted Brooks via e-mail without any response so far. Hopefully they make a print of this, or at least offer it in a higher res so I can use it as my desktop background.

  52. Seymour Veer 
    Posted 9:08 am
    11 Sep 2011

    Does anyone know the names of the two actors?

  53. Behind the Scenes: Brooks Ad Campaign | Detroit Velo 
    Posted 2:52 pm
    22 Sep 2011

    [...] was a nifty coincidence that Houndstooth Road tweeted about the exact same ad.  The Brooks website posted about this campaign back in March, complete with a behind the scenes [...]

  54. Rob 
    Posted 2:20 pm
    27 Sep 2011

    Such a stupid ad. I agree with Berhhard. Also amazed at the sycophantic comments by ‘fans’.
    Let a good product sell itself.
    By the way, foxes are vermin in Australia.

  55. The rise of the gentleman cyclist – Daily Manzar Namaa 
    Posted 2:44 pm
    27 Sep 2011

    [...] One of their most popular recent posters features a Brooks-clad couple protecting a fox from the advancing hounds. Its originality comes from embracing the heritage aesthetic, while rejecting the more specific [...]

  56. BREGAN 
    Posted 2:58 pm
    27 Sep 2011

    You know Rob, there are people at the company who actually pay us, among other things, and very, very occasionally, to make ads. We are also the same people who answer the mail and help customers choose their proper saddle.

    You could lighten up a bit, we were up for an international advertising award against big agencies with this shot that we produced completely in-house- made by some of the very same people who perform much-less-glamorous functions on a daily basis. (Among other things handling complaints like yours)

    If you think products sell themselves I would suggest doing some research about that first. Brooks saddles were not “selling themselves” when the company was about to be closed down nine years ago. Today Brooks is healthy once again, thanks in part to the very small number of people who are charged with making sure the public is aware of our existence, something into which a lot of hard work goes.

  57. The rise of the Gentleman Cyclist « Kitesurf Bike rambling 
    Posted 10:18 am
    29 Sep 2011

    [...] One of their most popular recent posters features a Brooks-clad couple protecting a fox from the advancing hounds. Its originality comes from embracing the heritage aesthetic, while rejecting the more specific [...]

  58. Burlap 
    Posted 12:13 pm
    2 Oct 2011

    I love your product. I find it rather amusing though considering who will save the cows that make your saddles. Cows are much heavier than foxes. It will take some strapping models. Sad to see that the puritanical hypocrisy is alive and well in once merry old England. Regardless, I will not become a zealot……I still plan on using a Brooks sadle on my bike that I am fixing up. Already told the Misses what I want for Christmas.

  59. Nigel Lees 
    Posted 12:56 am
    6 Oct 2011

    Working as a photographer for the last 15 years I totally love your ad and it makes me proud to a cyclist , proud to be a photographer and proud to be able to have a Brooks saddle on my Charge Bike, it all looks great.

    Keep up the great new products and keep innovating, any chance of a poster or print ??

    Posted 12:37 am
    23 Oct 2011

    Wow what a innovative advertising
    its just excellent and great logical work!!!

    In the field of advertising these ad has certainly given the public something to think about!

    Can’t believe how awesome this ad is, impressive development and result!!

    Enjoyed seeing such creative thinking, smart minds in the creation of this advertising! They came with such great idea!!!!

    Thank you for stimulating the consumer’s intellect!!!


  61. Allen E. 
    Posted 6:18 pm
    24 Nov 2011

    Brilliantly conceived. Beautifully shot.
    As your saddles are fine art, so, too, this should be sold as a fine art print. Cheers!

  62. Bettina 
    Posted 2:13 pm
    30 Nov 2011

    This is awesome! The fox is AMAZING! well done, well worth all your time and effort, im in love with this!

  63. Brooks ads | Terranouva 
    Posted 7:02 am
    3 Dec 2011

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  64. Merlin 
    Posted 11:41 pm
    14 Dec 2011

    I like Brooks saddles, and I am very impressed by this photograph: it is a striking image. I just don’t see how Unquestionable British Tradition has lead to the saving of the fox. Foxhunting is not popular now, but traditionally it has been very popular in rural areas and communities. Picking up and protecting the fox (therefore interfering with the traditional form of foxhunting) seems to be if anything an image of ‘Modern Britain’ rather than Unquestionable British Tradition.

  65. BREGAN 
    Posted 7:09 am
    15 Dec 2011

    I think the idea was,”foxhunting is questionable, Brooks not.”

  66. A Hunting Cyclist 
    Posted 8:23 pm
    3 Jan 2012

    As a previously dedicated cyclist who has used brooks leather saddles and a person who hunts I dont quite get of image of vegan anti’s rescuing foxes from hounds would be big into using saddles made from tanned cow hides. Bit of a mixed message there! and a bit of bandwagonism perhaps?

    That said nice advert but dont really blame the MFH for not wanting to participate btw lol…

    What about someone on a bike with a Brookes saddle outracing a hunter on horseback next? That could be quite funny…but his time the fox could behind the huntsman!

  67. Weekend 212.2 « Limestone Roof 
    Posted 1:03 am
    13 Feb 2012

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  68. Patrick 
    Posted 6:10 pm
    15 Feb 2012

    Music: Luis Almau. What’s the name of soundtrack, is this special for advert?

  69. Gardens 
    Posted 9:31 pm
    7 Apr 2012

    What a beautiful photo and clever campaign. Although the comments from people too dumb/humorless to understand it are a bit depressing.

  70. Saddle ads | Myfeedbackonli 
    Posted 10:18 am
    20 Apr 2012

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  71. Bergtrekker 
    Posted 7:45 pm
    13 May 2012

    Where can I get the poster ( quality print & paper )
    Re: above comments and humour “Irony”
    It’s what us Brits do best.
    From a pro fox hunting, meat eating, cycling, Englishman who uses Bergtrekker as an alias “irony”

  72. Rob 
    Posted 11:30 pm
    14 Aug 2012

    Isn’t it great that we still have companies in the UK like this, fantastic photo and thanks for a behind the scenes view of all the work that goes into making such a fine piece.

  73. Berry 
    Posted 8:25 am
    9 Sep 2012

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