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New Magazine To Regale Us Every Three Months With All Sorts.

27 Feb 2013  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Correspondence, Stories, Travel & Adventure Cycling

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The past few years have seen an ever-growing number of new publications vying for the attention of people who like to read in-depth stories about cycling. And the fact has not been lost on most editors that these readers also tend to like looking at well taken cycling photos as well.

Bunyan Velo has one such person at the helm, and the magazine celebrated the launch of its first edition earlier this month.

Between its covers are essays, diary fragments and manifestos in miniature, as well as a very fine improvised-headset-fabrication-story, along with several personal meditations upon the perfection of bicycle touring.

Many of the the excellently captured landscapes from all over the world perhaps unsurprisingly feature several of our saddles in supporting cameo roles.

The magazine has its offices in Minneapolis and is planned as a Quarterly. Its editor, Lucas Winzenburg hopes that by sharing the passion of his storytellers, readers will be inspired to jump in the saddle and take their own adventure, “be it to the market and back or around the world”.

Roll on May!


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