Brooks New Advertising Campaign

18 Apr 2014  |  Posted by BREGAN  |  Categories: Heritage, Monthly highlights, Style & Fashion, Urban Cycling

“Stopping Traffic Since 1866″ is the title of the new Brooks print campaign appearing in cycling and lifestyle magazines worldwide.  The ad focuses on the ever-growing range of Brooks Cycle Bags, highlighting some of the new styles and colours making their way to a Dealer of Excellence nearest you.

Inopportunely, the ad production came in December during a rather cold spell in London which required a freezing day out near London City Airport, inconveniencing more than a few friends and colleagues.  Two of those Brooks people on hand took the time to run around and record the days’ shivering for posterity.

For a look at the complete range of Brooks Cycle Bags, click here

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Brooks B1866 Offers Handmade Bicycles from Famous Builders

Dario Pegoretti, Darren Crisp, and Ricky Feather among those taking London appointments

17 Jan 2014  |  Posted by Tim  |  Categories: Art & Design, Bicycles, Events, Friends, Heritage, Monthly highlights, Saddles, Bags, Etc., Style & Fashion

Ricky Feather in his technical and fashionable safety glasses

The B1866 shop in Seven Dials, London will be offering handmade frames direct in-house from some of the most respected names in the handmade bicycle world. Dario Pegoretti, Ricky Feather, and Darren Crisp are already among those signed up to offer personal consultation inside the B1866 premises, meaning customers will not have to travel to the frame-builders’ studios, but be measured and fitted right in the heart of London.

Appointments are filling up fast, read more to learn the latest details, and more information about custom Brooks saddle ordering, also available at B1866.


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B1866 Store Opens in London

16 Nov 2013  |  Posted by ANDREA  |  Categories: Art & Design, Bicycles, Curiosities, Events, Friends, Heritage, Monthly highlights, Saddles, Bags, Etc., Stories, Style & Fashion, Travel & Adventure Cycling, Uncategorized, Urban Cycling

During the past two months we’ve been working very hard to create what we describe as the Brooks ‘Cathedral’. We are excited to announce the opening of B1866, our first Brooks Store, situated in the heart of London. The shop is not only a showcase of our  product range, but a celebration of the brand’s 150 year history.


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Heroic Knights, Fearless Adventurers And Avid Moustache Waxers Are All Warmly Invited.

11 Oct 2013  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Bicycles, Events, Heritage, Monthly highlights, Sports Cycling, Style & Fashion, Travel & Adventure Cycling

Autumn in Northern Italy is a famously fine combination of season and location for taking magical (and we don’t use the word lightly) spins. Now imagine we were somehow able to cast a spell, and transport an entire peloton 40, 50, 60… even 100 years into the past, and they all fetched up in Anghiari, say. If they didn’t want to confuse and frighten the locals, they’d all obviously need a Brooks on top of a steel framed bike, for starters. And preferably a woollen jersey, right? If you have no plans next weekend, pay attention…

The roads of the Tiber Valley and the surrounding hills, built by the Romans and by the Etruscans before them, have witnessed the passage of many intrepid travellers over the centuries. Brave soldiers on their way to and from great battles, courageous knights on heroic quests, adventurers seeking out new lands and stoic pilgrims on their way to pay homage in some far off destination – they have all passed by. Now it is the time for yet another band of heroes! So get out your old bicycle, pull on your woollen jersey and wax your moustache – it is time for the Intrepid Cyclists  to make their mark in history!


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The Transcontinental Race Continues.

Lower Placed Riders Bearing Down On Istanbul For Closing Festivities.

14 Aug 2013  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Events, Monthly highlights, Sports Cycling, Travel & Adventure Cycling

Veteran of last year’s WCR Grand Tour Richard Dunnett reaches the Transcontinental finish line.

Richard Dunnett spent a sleepless two days over the weekend racing through Serbia and Bulgaria to guarantee himself Silver in the inaugural Transcontinental Race, the first ever unsupported competitive ride between London and Istanbul.

Race marshalls clocked his arrival in the wee hours of Monday morning, roughly a day after the winner, Belgium’s Kristof Allegaert.

30 racers started from Westminster Bridge earlier this month, seven of whom have so far withdrawn. 5 have made it over the finish line with two more likely to arrive today. This would leave 16 still out on the road.

Most of them are barreling through Serbia and Bulgaria as we speak, among them Juliana Buhring, the only women in the field. Based on her current progress she should comfortably finish in the top ten; there’s a tight race on for eighth between herself and Mikko Makipaa.

Like many of his competitors, Makipaa, a 34 year old Finn, has encountered all sorts of trouble since leaving London. He’s been chased by several packs of wild dogs, had a ton of punctures, and to make things even worse the batteries keep going dead on his GoPro. He has also fallen prey to some nasty sunburn while napping… in the sun of course, so our sympathies in this last regard, at least, are qualified.

Elsewhere, Nicholas Longworth probably isn’t going as slowly as the SPOT Tracker would have us believe. The 26 year old ultra endurance fiend appears to be still in Switzerland, but more than likely he’s a good deal further down the road than that. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to have a working phone with him, and his tracker is on the blink.

We expect to hear from him with the rest of the field on the banks of the Bosphorus for the finishing party early next week at the very latest.


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The Brooks Dashing Bicycle Show Hits New York.

SoHo Branch Of Bicycle Habitat Location For Our Final Stop-Off.

25 Jul 2013  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Bicycles, Friends, Monthly highlights, Urban Cycling

New York’s Bicycle Habitat is the latest, and for the time being, final host of this year’s Brooks Dashing Bicycle Show. Their branch in Manhattan’s SoHo district unveils our collection of fine machinery and cycling sundries this evening, Thursday 25th July, at 6 p.m. local time.

And while the display models from Cooper, Tout Terrainet al remain in the shop for a fortnight, the free Hendrick’s Gin cocktails will all be gone by close of business today. So get down there.


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Brooks At The Anjou Vélo Vintage.

25 Jun 2013  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Events, Friends, Heritage, Monthly highlights, Sports Cycling, Style & Fashion

Participants from as far away as Japan and the U.S. gathered in Anjou at the weekend for the third edition of the Vélo Vintage retro biking festival.

The towns of Angers and Saumur split the work between them, with Angers hosting events from Wednesday through to Saturday morning, and Saumur setting up their Vintage Village for the rest of the weekend.


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Retro Ronde Seeking 2013′s Ravissantste Renner.

We're Sending Our Hardest People To Belgium This Weekend.

22 May 2013  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Events, Monthly highlights, Sports Cycling

The sort of thing we expect, and are gratified, to see a Flemish Hardman doing.

Riders on the European continent are spoilt for choice these days when it comes to paying homage to simpler (yet probably more difficult) times.

L’Eroica in Gaiole, Italy has of course long since ceased to be an insider tip, while The Anjou Vélo Vintage in the west of France is gradually snapping at its heels in terms of popularity.


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Road Test the New Brooks Cambium Saddle!

This Is Big News For 100 Lucky Cyclists. One Of Them Could Be You.

18 Apr 2013  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Events, Friends, Monthly highlights, Saddles, Bags, Etc., Stories

Stop teasing! A quite unfulfilling glimpse of the new Brooks Cambium.

Readers of the 2013 Brooks Bugle will have had an informational head start on everybody else regarding the imminent release of a new addition to our range of fine bicycle saddles.

The current copy contains an article on our latest model, the Cambium C17. It’s a saddle that represents a fairly unusual departure for us in that its top is not made of leather (cue sharp intake of breath). Rather, it is made from natural rubber and organic cotton, and enhanced by a thin layer of structural textile for added resilience.

It is immediately comfortable and maintenance-free, which might possibly put a dent in our Proofide sales. Even without Proofide, it still offers the longevity for which our products are legendary.

Come on, bit more. I’ll see your two rivets and raise you a bag loop

But a rather interesting piece of extra news began doing the rounds yesterday, which we are happy to officially confirm for our readers today.

Between now and its release date, we are undertaking a worldwide search for 100 lucky people to road test the Brooks Cambium. The group as a whole will naturally consist of cyclists of both sexes, and encompass a full range of cycling activity and body types.

Part of A Return Of The Jedi Speeder Bike? Not quite. All will be revealed…

From the fair-weather, six stone bicycle commuter to the 300 pound daily Centurion, we hope to find our Cambium test pieces bolted to 100 very distinct seatposts.

Those chosen will report back to us with their impressions and experiences, and we’ll publish them in a special section of the Brooks website. Of course, our testers will all get to keep their Cambia in gratitude for their efforts, but would be strongly advised in advance to read our post on saddle theft prevention.

And those who apply unsuccessfully to test our Cambium will have the consolation of receiving a special discount code for our online shop. It will give you 10% off all Brooks purchases you make over the coming twelve months.

At any rate, several notable cycling websites publicized this news yesterday evening, along with a link to the Cambium Tester registration form. If you were one of the applicants who experienced the inconvenience of our server crashing under the weight of subscriptions, please accept our apologies. We are reliably informed that it’s “back up” again.

NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has been firing back lots of good pictures from the Red Planet lately.

As we say, we are looking for a diverse pool of riders, not the first hundred who apply, so those who were unable to send their form to us yesterday are at no disadvantage in regard to the decision making process.

That said, we hope to ship out the 100 test pieces as soon as we can, around mid-May. So don’t dally, fill out our questionnaire and cross your fingers.

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The Brooks Dashing Bike Show – Washington, D.C.

D.B. Hits D.C. With B.S.N.Y.C. Our S.G.

17 Apr 2013  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Events, Friends, Monthly highlights

Friends across the Pond of the World’s Finest Cycling Saddles are abuzz with anticipation. And as Saturday approaches, our colleagues are putting the final transformational touches to Washington’s Bicycle Space as the Dashing Bicycle Show readies itself for a fortnight-long stay in the American capital.


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