Dashing Bicycle Show, San Francisco

Grant Petersen holds forth before the gathered throng at Huckleberry Bicycles

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Grant Petersen of Rivendell Bicycles was on hand to fill in the blanks at Huckleberry Bicycles

The Brooks Dashing Bicycle Show kicked off this past December in San Francisco, California with an evening party at host shop Huckleberry Bicycles, bringing together a group of stylish, functional and unique brands from all over the world to showcase the finest in urban and transportation cycling.

All photos by Matthew Reamer, courtesy of Momentum Mag.

Huckleberry Bicycles

Anchored by the full line of Brooks Heritage, Transit and Expedition lines of cycle bags, the show highlighted products from Japan to the Nordic countries and points in between. Hideto Sizuki’s PEdALED clothing line garnered considerable attention, while Bookman lights from Sweden provided a sleek, colorful addition to show.

Stylish, Practical, BOOKMAN Lights

Tout Terrain

Tout Terrain of Germany provided a touring bicycle of superior quality, The Tout Terrain Grande Route, decked out with such high end components as Chris King and Middleburn.

The Pelago Capri

Pelago Bicycles of Finland provided an undeniably chic Capri mixte in the untranslatable but incredibly romantic color Siniheleä.

The Cooper Revival

Cooper’s addition to the show was classically-styled and handsome Revival model, a strikingly clean and modern celebration of company’s racing history.

The Ventura mini bike from Bruno

Last, but certainly not least was the stunning, unmistakably Japanese all-chrome special edition Ventura mini bike from Bruno.

Attendees to the 2013 Dashing Bicycle show events will have the chance to win one of these four bikes by entering a photo of themselves and their dashing bike at the Brooks Stories and Photos section at www.brooksengland.com.

Momentum Magazine, covering the entire series of Dashing Bicycle Show events in 2013, photographed the cosmopolitan crowd as they mingled and sipped their choice of three ambrosial cocktails provided by Hendrick’s Gin.

Purveyors of the delightfully unusual cucumber gin, Hendrick’s served a perfect cusp-of-winter trio including the ginger and elderflower infused Meadow Mule and the aptly name Peddling Punch with apple cinnamon tea, lemon and Snap ginger liqueur.

The gathered crowd was a diverse mix of cycling connoisseurs and velo afficcionadoes. Notably spotted among journalists, bloggers, indoctrinates in the Church of Rivendell, bike messengers and the obligatory ten-Brooks-saddle owners, were the ever-fashionable ladies of San Francisco’s Pedal Savvy, representatives of everyone’s perennial pocket sized favorite and Brooks partner Brompton of London, and a lovely couple on their honeymoon away from their own bicycle shop in the UK.

As befitting of such an event, most guests arrived by two-wheel transport and were greeted by the open arms and cordoned off parameters of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition volunteer bike parking team. The SFBC, one of the oldest bicycle advocacy organizations in the United States, went above and beyond their mission statement of promoting the bicycle as everyday transportation by graciously donating their time and resources to provide a safe and convenient place for the chosen steeds of the evening.

The room was pleasantly lubricated as guest speaker Grant Petersen took to the microphone. The venerable industry veteran and steel frame luminary recently penned Just Ride: A Radically Practical Guide to Riding Your Bike, a how-to of sorts released in May of 2012 by Workman Publishing Company.

Petersen regaled the audience with his version of the history of cycling as transportation in America. He may have been subtly referencing Bob Dylan as he held up cardboard cue cards as trivia to carry the audience on a journey from the seminal moment of Earth day 1970, when the idea of cycling for something other than sport was awoken in the consciousness of the American populace, through to the influence of Greg Lemond and racing culture on popular cycling and the rise of the mountain bike in the United States. Petersen brought the journey full circle as he insightfully extolled the virtues of becoming what he refers to as an “unracer,” one who values cycling for, among other things, commuting, errands, and the pure joy of simply riding.

As Petersen transitioned to chatting with guests and signing copies of Just Ride, the Huckleberry house DJ continued spinning a heterogeneous mix spanning Soul to Kraut-rock and touching on points as multifarious as Mogwai to The Supremes. A mellifluous mix befitting of the culturally divergent Bay Area cycling scene.

Look for future Dashing Bicycle Show events this year in Denver, Washington D.C., New York and Toronto.”

Myself with Gianmarco from Brooks

-Michael Firn
North American Brand Specialist

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