Land’s End to John O’Groats Video

874-mile journey for charity a test of endurance

28 Jul 2014  |  Posted by BREGAN  |  Categories: Events, Travel & Adventure Cycling, Videos

Back in 2012, former Brooks colleague Andrew Hunter and his friend Adam Ferguson rode the famous Land’s End to John O’Groats route to benefit charity. We tagged along to show a glimpse of their adventure.

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  1. Philip Chisholm 
    Posted 4:25 pm
    19 Aug 2014

    Brilliant film and pannier design I am on my way to Lands End you inspired me!

  2. Ken 
    Posted 4:43 pm
    19 Aug 2014

    Wonderful scenery and I was struck by the lack of helmets. We seem to have become too timid to ride as carefree as we did as children, and the few times I leave the helmet in the boot of the car I feel at once naked but also liberated.
    This is a ride I would like to do some day, but the presence of an affable companion would make it much more enjoyable. I must find one. :-)

  3. Bryan 
    Posted 6:33 pm
    19 Aug 2014

    Beautiful and inspiring. I hope when I go it’s just like this video, no cars and no rain! :-) Love my B 17 beyond measure!

  4. Tony 
    Posted 8:29 pm
    19 Aug 2014

    Enjoyed the video… I’d love to know how the bikes were kitted out.(weight distribution seems to be an issue if I’m trying to sort out the bike)

    Posted 1:59 am
    20 Aug 2014

    Nice videos !!! my dream is L’Eroica it is bicycle spirit.

  6. Chris Libera, Poland 
    Posted 7:34 am
    20 Aug 2014

    Very pretty, as always done with excellent taste inherent to Brooks.

  7. Hank Smeltzer 
    Posted 2:04 am
    23 Aug 2014

    Beautiful in every aspect I know cycling to be. But, I suspect that ~900mi bike ride o’er the spine of England is not nearly so sunny or downhill as presented.