Let’s Celebrate our Top Employees!

The Chamferer Murray Slowly Approaches Pensionable Age, But Is Staying Put.

3 May 2012  |  Posted by GUEST  |  Categories: Events, Stories

Eric Murray receiving his birthday bottle of bubbly from Works Office Manager Steven Green.

“Building a Brooks is both famously and justifiably labour intensive. Before reaching a seat post (your seat post), during the various stages of its construction at Smethwick, the composite parts of a saddle bearing our name will typically pass through a dozen separate pairs of expert hands and eyes.

The successful coordination of these different stages of production, culminating in an end result worthy of the Brooks nameplate, is absolutely reliant on the expertise of veteran steelworkers, riveters, cutters, soakers, pressers, packers and polishers.

So earlier this spring, a short ceremony was held at the Brooks works to recognize the enormous and lasting contributions of Maria Thomas, Barbara Lawrence, Eric Murray, Stephen Bell, Mohamud Hirey and Malgorzata Krawczyk to our story…”

By Brooks Works Office Manager Steven Green.

Friday 24 February saw a day of celebration at the Brooks factory in Smethwick. Two happy events were being acknowledged.

First of all, Eric Murray, our infamous Master Solid Riveter and Section Supervisor was about to reach his 65th Birthday – on Sunday 26 February. Eric is still super active and so is not ready to hang up his hammer, or his chamfering knife just yet – luckily for Brooks! The Company presented Eric with a custom-labelled bottle of champagne.

Eric, Stephen and Maria pictured beneath a portrait of Boultbee Brooks, son of John.

Secondly, Brooks has had a commemorative plaque made and some Certificates drawn up formally recognise our five Employee of the Year winners to-date – since the inception of the awards in 2008. The winners being as follows:-

Brooks Employees of the Year past and present with Works Manager Steven Green.

2008 Barbara Lawrence
2009 Mohamud Hirey
2010 Malgorzata Krawczyk
2011 Stephen Bell
2011 Maria Thomas

This plaque will be on display in a cabinet within the Brooks factory very shortly for all visitors to see and admire.

Congratulations to everybody concerned!

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  1. Mike Claridge 
    Posted 5:41 pm
    3 May 2012

    Fantastic examples of loyalty of staff to company and of company to staff. Keep up the good work right here in the Black Country!

  2. Anonymous 
    Posted 4:42 pm
    4 May 2012

    It’s great to see effort and loyalty being recognised. So ofter these days, we’re seen as just another payroll number.

    It’s also good to see photographs of people who might have worked on my saddle.

  3. Duchy Wheeler 
    Posted 9:08 pm
    4 May 2012

    Well done “One & All” at the Brooks works in Smethwick, your skills are much appreciated.