The Brooks DESPATCH July 2011
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Bike Polo Player vs Horse Polo Player

Brooks Presents World Polo Champs 2011


In the few years since bike polo has gone from being a somewhat spontaneous recreation to an increasingly structured sport, we have been enthusiastically cheering from the sidelines. Brooks has been the chief sponsor of every major polo event since the Shoreditch Invitational in 2008.
READ more about the championships on the Brooks Blog
WATCH the highlights from the 2010 HWBPC in Berlin
READ about the new polo mallet produced in our Smethwick factory
WATCH more scenes from the 2010 Championship series
Then book yourself a flight to Seattle for the big event and go see for yourself who rides home with this year's prize. Brooks England presents WHBPC 2011 Seattle, September 9-11, 2011.
ABOVE PHOTO Amazing face to face between Marc Sich of Apologie Bike Polo Team and a horse polo player. Photo by Cédric Viollet / Steel Trend publisher of Steel Magazine /
Brooks Cycle Bags

Brooks Cycle Bags


Since the Winter 2011 release, it has been difficult to keep our new Cycle Bags in stock.

The Islington Rucksack features an exclusive strap system designed to distribute heavy loads comfortably and in great style. The Hampstead Holdall can be worn as a rucksack or attached to a rear rack, and will hold as much as your strength will allow. The Brixton Satchel is a functional all-rounder for daily use. And finally, the Soho and Leather Barbican are crafted in England from the very same leather used in the production of our celebrated saddles.


If you have purchased one of our bags, we would love to hear about your experience. Please leave a comment on the Cycle Bags pages of our website!

Buy Barbican for 220€

An Offer You Can’t Refuse?


To make way for the new 2012 Barbican, we are offering an unprecedented 20% discount on our best-selling bag, exclusively to readers of the Brooks Despatch.


How to obtain this discount:


After clicking on the link below, access our

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After logging in, click below to order the bag:

Buy Barbican for 220€

(Free shipping to UK and other EU15 countries)


Please note that the 2012 Barbican will no longer feature the BROOKS logo on the flap. Furthermore the 2012 Barbican will be manufactured in Italy and retail for 285€.

Best of the Brooks Blog

Best of the Brooks Blog


Chances are, you are reading these words by yourself. Congratulations!  You qualify to read the Brooks Blog. Despite a crushing workload meeting the demands of our saddle business, two or three times a week we make time to share a slice of the Brooks universe with you.

Ask yourself: would you rather buy your writing from a saddle maker, or your saddle from a writer?  The answer is obvious. Some recent topics include:

The 2011 Brompton World Championships

The  Brooks and PEdALED Partnership

The 2011 London Tweed Run

The “Unquestionable  British Tradition” Campaign

Global Bicycle Race 2012

Global Bicycle Race 2012


The chap modeling the new JB Criterion Mk.I Jacket is none other than Vin Cox, the current world record holder for fastest global circumnavigation by bicycle.  Last year Vin cycled a route of over 18,000 km and into the Guiness Book in a shocking 163 days.

For 2012 Vin has organized the Global Bicycle Race, which will pit dozens of competitors on a race around the globe, harkening back to the famous competitions of the 1920's and 1930's. As a sponsor of the event, Brooks will keep you updated on the riders progress through our Blog and Facebook page beginning in February. For more on the Global Bicycle Race please visit or read about it in the Brooks Blog and in the Brooks Bugle.

For more on the Criterion Jacket click HERE.

PEdALED’s New Website

PEdALED’s New Website


PEdALED, the Japanese clothing brand that produces functional lifestyle clothing for cycling, has just printed its first catalogue in English. Download it from

Look for the new collection in shops early next year.