Road Test the New Brooks Cambium Saddle!

This Is Big News For 100 Lucky Cyclists. One Of Them Could Be You.

18 Apr 2013  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Events, Friends, Monthly highlights, Saddles, Bags, Etc., Stories

Stop teasing! A quite unfulfilling glimpse of the new Brooks Cambium.

Readers of the 2013 Brooks Bugle will have had an informational head start on everybody else regarding the imminent release of a new addition to our range of fine bicycle saddles.

The current copy contains an article on our latest model, the Cambium C17. It’s a saddle that represents a fairly unusual departure for us in that its top is not made of leather (cue sharp intake of breath). Rather, it is made from natural rubber and organic cotton, and enhanced by a thin layer of structural textile for added resilience.

It is immediately comfortable and maintenance-free, which might possibly put a dent in our Proofide sales. Even without Proofide, it still offers the longevity for which our products are legendary.

Come on, bit more. I’ll see your two rivets and raise you a bag loop

But a rather interesting piece of extra news began doing the rounds yesterday, which we are happy to officially confirm for our readers today.

Between now and its release date, we are undertaking a worldwide search for 100 lucky people to road test the Brooks Cambium. The group as a whole will naturally consist of cyclists of both sexes, and encompass a full range of cycling activity and body types.

Part of A Return Of The Jedi Speeder Bike? Not quite. All will be revealed…

From the fair-weather, six stone bicycle commuter to the 300 pound daily Centurion, we hope to find our Cambium test pieces bolted to 100 very distinct seatposts.

Those chosen will report back to us with their impressions and experiences, and we’ll publish them in a special section of the Brooks website. Of course, our testers will all get to keep their Cambia in gratitude for their efforts, but would be strongly advised in advance to read our post on saddle theft prevention.

And those who apply unsuccessfully to test our Cambium will have the consolation of receiving a special discount code for our online shop. It will give you 10% off all Brooks purchases you make over the coming twelve months.

At any rate, several notable cycling websites publicized this news yesterday evening, along with a link to the Cambium Tester registration form. If you were one of the applicants who experienced the inconvenience of our server crashing under the weight of subscriptions, please accept our apologies. We are reliably informed that it’s “back up” again.

NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has been firing back lots of good pictures from the Red Planet lately.

As we say, we are looking for a diverse pool of riders, not the first hundred who apply, so those who were unable to send their form to us yesterday are at no disadvantage in regard to the decision making process.

That said, we hope to ship out the 100 test pieces as soon as we can, around mid-May. So don’t dally, fill out our questionnaire and cross your fingers.

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  1. Steve Stewart 
    Posted 3:54 pm
    18 Apr 2013

    I would love to test out one of your new saddles on my decked out Jamis Aurora Elite touring special. I have a vintage Brooks on now, but worry about it getting wet! I will take good care of it? thanks

  2. Steve Stewart 
    Posted 4:14 pm
    18 Apr 2013

    I want to be a tester, but the questionnaire is not working!

  3. Andy Sutton 
    Posted 5:57 pm
    18 Apr 2013

    I would also become part of the test program. Currently using a B17 on the Audax bike, B17 narrow on the commuter and a Swift on the fixed gear.
    Commute 15 mile per day, every day, regardless of the weather.
    Brooks saddles have been supporting me for 15 years or more, would not ride on any thing else.

  4. Empidog 
    Posted 7:23 pm
    18 Apr 2013

    Steve Stewarts right I tried to complete the questionaire last night with all my details..No joy..he no work….

  5. Csaba Meszaros 
    Posted 9:16 pm
    18 Apr 2013

    Uuuuu, what an amazing concept!! DK is definitely a bikers nation and obviously my only vehicle is a bike, not surprisingly with a Brooks saddle on it (with a Brooks tool bag too), and until this i couldn’t imagine better.
    Hmm… What can be better than a Brooks saddle!? Maybe an another Brooks saddle!!

  6. Wim 
    Posted 9:42 pm
    18 Apr 2013

    Indeed, the ‘Submit’ button doesn’t respond…

    I take pretty many km’s per year that it requires pretty good quality bikes to keep things going.

    I must admit that i’m still a bit confused wheather to test the saddle on my bullet-proof 1980′s Raleigh or on the thin and sexy 1980′s italian race bike… I’m not just amused but also addicted/affected/passionate/indoctrinated/overlyenthousiastic and pretty much more to bikes & biking.

    And yup, I must admit: gosh, I would really like to see those jealous eyes when passing by with the new ‘bijoux’ made by Brooks!

  7. Eckart Hofmann 
    Posted 10:08 pm
    18 Apr 2013

    Same here: filling up the questionnaire, but when I pressed the submit button, I got a failure pop up:

    “Errore nel salvataggio dei dati

    System.Data.Entity.Validation.DbEntityValidationException: Validation failed for one or more entities. See ‘EntityValidationErrors’ property for more details.
    at System.Data.Entity.Internal.InternalContext.SaveChanges()
    at ASP.cambium_default_aspx.Save(shop_users data)”

  8. Tim Gregory 
    Posted 10:20 pm
    18 Apr 2013

    I am about to emigrate to Canada to be married to my wife ( to be) and i would love to share the birth of a new Brooks with her. She can have hers on her Trek 820 ( sigh ) and i could put one on my 1972 Dawes Galaxy which i found last summer ( work needed):)… its twins !!! oh she has made me promise to bring my B67 with me, and i will although i am selling everything else . Ahh love :) x

  9. GARETH 
    Posted 1:40 pm
    19 Apr 2013

    Apologies again to any of you experiencing difficulties getting your forms sent. The server issues are in the process of being addressed. Test saddles and discounts await for the Doughty of Spirit!

  10. Roar Pilevad 
    Posted 3:59 pm
    19 Apr 2013

    Well !!
    I have always trusted Brooks in riding the fine leather-saddles you have been making since god knows when.
    Every time i park my bike in my town, i know fellow cyclists
    i aware that the bike is owned by traditional cyclist.

    Now this saddle… hmmm.
    pretty suspicious looking.
    well, I’m keeping my B17.. for many years too come

    Roar Pilevad

  11. Mark Studnicki 
    Posted 9:08 pm
    19 Apr 2013

    Hello. I would be honored to be selected to test ride the new saddle. I currently use a Swift titanium model and love it. I run my own cycling tour business in Italy and I see many Brooks saddles during the L’Eroica event every year. Hope you select me.


    Mark Studnicki

  12. Mike Greer 
    Posted 10:15 pm
    19 Apr 2013

    Repeatedly tried to register but failed Why. Not a lot of use to anyone if the starting point fails.

  13. Diego 
    Posted 12:53 am
    20 Apr 2013

    If its anything like the canvas micarta scales on my knives, it would make a nearly indestructible saddle. I signed up to be a tester because I am impressed that Brooks would be innovative enough to experiment with this material. I own a dozen bikes and ride almost every day, however, I don’t own any Brooks saddles. But I must say, well done friends.

  14. Román Ortiz 
    Posted 1:02 am
    20 Apr 2013

    As a common user I would love to test your product. I’ve got a road, a MTb and a fixed gear bikes and my test could be share whith my crew in Madrid.
    Hope to help you.

  15. Roman Ortiz 
    Posted 1:08 am
    20 Apr 2013

    Lovely classic saddle. I can try it in my three bikes (road,fixed gear and MTb) and contrast it with my friends in Madrid.
    Hope be a tester user.

  16. Oliver Butterwick 
    Posted 7:25 am
    20 Apr 2013

    i’ve registered to be a tester. Fingers crossed I’m successful! This Selle San Marco has served its purpose but time for a change…

  17. Allyson 
    Posted 11:34 am
    20 Apr 2013

    I am riding over 600 kms at the end of July for 6 days. It is for a charity group called Toronto People with AIDS Foundation. I will be riding with 374 other riders, it is in its 15th year. We all try and raise funds for the community based organization that help people living with HIV/AIDS.

  18. DD 
    Posted 2:36 am
    21 Apr 2013

    As a bike riding vegan I would to ride a brooks again!! I heard about this seat and had to check it out. Looks great.

  19. ferk 
    Posted 10:52 am
    24 Apr 2013

    As far as I remember I already completed this form (or a very-very simliar one) when I registered to the Brooks website. Is this questionnaire the same thing? Should I complete it twice or I’m already in?

  20. Nor Muzammil 
    Posted 1:11 pm
    24 Apr 2013

    hai..!! i’m done the register,hope my name onlist to have Brooks test product.i’m really comfort and enjoy when riding use B17.Really make me happy cycling if have a chance to be 1 of Brooks test product.

    Happy Cycling..
    Nor Muzammil

  21. BREGAN 
    Posted 2:35 pm
    24 Apr 2013

    Hi Ferk,

    You have to complete the form on the Cambium website, thanks!

  22. Doug 
    Posted 12:42 am
    25 Apr 2013

    I haven’t been able to get the survey to register, alas as I would love to try a new weatherproof Brooks saddle…I have loved Brooks leather saddles since my first in 1972 on my child’s five speed race bike…

  23. John Welch 
    Posted 3:58 am
    27 Apr 2013

    I have ridden Brooks saddles since about 1968. I ride ~7000 miles per year primarily in Phoenix Arizona. I have experimented (usually a few ‘hundred miles each) with many, many “platform” saddles of every price point and always reinstall my B17′s and/or B17N . This new saddle certainly looks intriguing. The platform material just may be the cat’s meow! “hope I’m chosen to test one. There are a few dozen local riders that I can make nervous with a new brooks design! Ha! Thanks to Brooks for the last 45 years and for the next 45 years! Cheers!

  24. Emilio Z 
    Posted 4:56 am
    28 Apr 2013

    I have nothing but passion for cycling, it being the only sport that I have continued into my midlife. My cycling habits have changed over the years, as has my endurance and strength. Still, my passion has never diminished; on the contrary, it has only increased as I am always looking into new and interesting ways I can incorporate the bike into my life.
    As far as Brooks goes, I only use your saddles because they suit me. I have tried others, and at times they were good. But now, I seem not to ride on anything else. I have used your saddles for over twenty years. I started with the Team Professional which I used for long distance cycling. As I got older and my seating position changed, I have moved to the B17. Firstly with the Standard, and most recently with the Select. They are fixed to different bicycles for days that I obviously do different rides. I have great respect for your product because it is soo good. But I think it could be better, and if I found another seat that was more comfortable I would quickly change to it. I think I would be a good candidate just because I am not passionate about your brand, but only your product. After all my years on the bike, I can say I am not attached to any one brand or product, but am attached to quality and utility.
    If your future products are better than your past products I will use them. If they are not, I will not, but look elsewhere. I trust only my personal judgement on these matters, and I can only pass judgement on these matters through my objective experience. My comfort on the bike matters more than ever. If I am not comfortable I don’t think I could continue to ride. In that respect, I can only say I owe Brooks a lot for keeping me on my bike, and that is the truth, and objective reality.

  25. Johan 
    Posted 11:40 am
    13 May 2013

    Did the registration period already close? I tried to complete the form but can’t send/submit.
    Can you please clarify? And advise the closing date for registration?

    I am Cycling the World with my partner, both on Flyer saddles. We left Germany in Sep 2013 and are heading to New Zealand, currently we are in Vietnam and cycled 11,600 km so far….and without any bottom problems, thanks to Brooks.
    However we me a 78 year old cyclist from Canadian who was very sceptical about our Brooks saddles because they were still the same as 100 years ago without any innovation. And this makes me very interested in the quality of the new Cambium saddle, are they as good or maybe even better then the leather saddles?
    I am able to test the new Cambium saddle for at least another 10.000 km in different climates in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. (and obviously has to be shipped to Asia)

  26. K.Smith 
    Posted 7:10 pm
    17 May 2013

    would like to request test of c-17 cambrium saddle by Brooks- Much Appreciated !

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  28. MishEvelsvefs 
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    21 May 2013

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