Sneak Peek at the Brooks 21 Multi Tool

New Brooks Multi Tool, Adjustable Spanner, to Aid Roadside Repairs

20 Nov 2012  |  Posted by BREGAN  |  Categories: Monthly highlights, Saddles, Bags, Etc.

Soon to be your stout companion through thick and thin – The Brooks 21 Multi Tool

In the past, browsing through the maintenance department of the Brooks Online Shop was a brief excursion to procure a standard spanner or perhaps a tin of Proofide. Now a stop by this humble section of the website is about to get much more interesting…

A collaboration between Brooks designers, some of the world’s greatest cycle travellers, and over 700 members of the Brooks community who responded to a tool questionnaire on the Brooks Despatch,  is about to produce the supreme multi tool for cyclists  and we are happy to offer a first glimpse of the technical drawings.

7 tools in one piece: Our chain breaker with integrated spoke wrenches 0, 1, 2, 3, a bottle opener, and even a Brooks saddle spanner, is sure to baffle those who believe that having it all is not possible.

Rounding out the plentiful assortment of 21 tools are:

7 allen keys (hex wrenches) # 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8.
4 screwdrivers: 2 flat head, 2 phillips, #’s 1 and 2.
2 torx: T-10 and T-25

and finally, one very sharp knife.  Surely the only multi tool to feature such an endlessly useful item.

The Brooks 21 Multi Tool will launch next  September at Eurobike 2013.

The Adjustable Spanner from a Brooks patent catalog of 1909.

Great ideas were never far to hand for John Boultbee Brooks, erstwhile founder and namesake of this great company. Hundreds of patents bear his name to this day, and among them a rather clever and simple solution for those cyclists in need of box spanners in a variety of sizes.

Our unique solution, which is partially based on the above patent drawings, will also go into production in 2013.

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  1. Fran McHugh 
    Posted 5:15 pm
    20 Nov 2012

    Will the outer shells be padded with embossed leather?

  2. Andrew 
    Posted 5:39 pm
    20 Nov 2012

    Hope it will be manufactured in “Good old Brooks Quality”!
    Whats about stainmarks when using a steel tool on inox-screws?

  3. Tim Hoyle 
    Posted 6:13 pm
    20 Nov 2012

    My Topeak Alien multi-tool which I have had for about 8 years has a knife with locking blade in it.
    It would be helpful if you could also publish a price for this item.
    Tim Hoyle

  4. Andrew Hague 
    Posted 7:33 pm
    20 Nov 2012

    Can the tool and the saddles be made so that the tool clips under the saddle? Is it all corrosion resistant? Is there space to add a puncture kit in a saddle compartment?

  5. ANDREA 
    Posted 10:06 pm
    20 Nov 2012

    The kit will be made in stainless steel. We are designing a leather case, which does not attach directly, but we have tool bags already and will also release more saddle bags next year.

  6. ANDREA 
    Posted 10:11 pm
    20 Nov 2012

    Our target sales price is about £40, so less than €50, but it is too early to confirm any price. I’m afraid you have to wait a few more months to know the price.

  7. Martin Colucci 
    Posted 11:10 pm
    20 Nov 2012

    This tool is just the what I have been waiting for. In your lingo…….Its the “Bees Knees”. I am looking forward to it.

  8. Frank 
    Posted 11:34 pm
    20 Nov 2012


  9. Nino 
    Posted 11:07 am
    21 Nov 2012

    I´l be curious about it ;) and the price …

  10. Nino 
    Posted 11:18 am
    21 Nov 2012

    4 screwdrivers: 2 flat head, 2 phillips, #’s 1 and 2. ist to mutch – 1/1 is ok and the tool might be smaler!

    And congratulation: the “7 tools piece” is fantastic !!!

  11. Andreas 
    Posted 12:34 pm
    21 Nov 2012

    It looks great. Price is okay. I don´t know what I need T-10 for, Rohloff needs T-20. I have a collection of multitools and this one is a “must have”. I am using a Thorn multitool now . It don`t has knife, but it has 21 other tools.

  12. Jaime Gill 
    Posted 1:12 pm
    21 Nov 2012

    Please check the Law on the issue of “lock knives” my understanding is that it is illegal in Great Britain to have a knife in public of any length with a locking blade. It may be that each person who has your multitool in their possession when they are out riding will be committing a criminal offence. Everything else looks very very desirable. I will not be putting my freedom at risk by having such an implement in my possession.May I refer you to this UK Government website for independent confirmation of my comments.

  13. BREGAN 
    Posted 5:48 pm
    21 Nov 2012

    Thanks, Jaime! You are absolutely correct. I guess we will have to make ours (somewhat regretfully) non-locking! Its a shame that a few bad apples spoil the bunch…

  14. Jon 
    Posted 10:13 pm
    21 Nov 2012

    Good start, but the versatility of the original is lost. Where is the adjustable spanner? Or the BA/BS spanners I might need for my ’50s-’60s lightweights or the trade bike of indeterminant vintage (with B90) which requires regular on-the-road adjustment of its rod brakes. And will the riveter cope with 3/16″ chain?

    Keep up the tradition.

  15. a. b. eddington 
    Posted 9:35 pm
    24 Nov 2012

    Excellent tool. May I suggest a leather case that also functions as a belt sheath?

  16. Mark 
    Posted 10:34 am
    3 Dec 2012

    A locking blade knife is NOT illegal in the UK. However you need ‘good reason’ to carry such a knife in public. Having it ‘just in case I need it’ as part of a multi tool is not considered ‘good reason’ and will land you in trouble with the law.

  17. Jaime Gill 
    Posted 7:58 pm
    3 Dec 2012

    Re: Marks comment. I have to agree entirely with what he says but the Government Website puts the default case most succinctly…….i.e. it is of itself illegal unless etc.
    I don’t think it would be worth the risk to try to explain myself to the satisfaction of a Policeman or a Court of Law.
    If you at Brooks are still determined to include a blade in the tool my question is why?? You might do better to leave it out; charge less for the product; and invite those who feel that they really must have a permissible 3″ folding blade to invest less than the difference in a basic SAK. The main advantage is a properly designed and comfortable grip.

  18. NZPeterG 
    Posted 7:18 am
    24 Dec 2012

    Hi this is looking all good but for T-10?
    As I tour with a Rohloff, I need a T-20 !
    I’ll order one if it has a T-20 only.