The 2011 Brompton World Championship.

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Scenes from last weekend at Blenheim Palace.

Brooks was once again on board at the Brompton World Championship last weekend, which took place at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. Close to 700 smartly attired participants rolled over the start line, with 8000 equally well dressed spectators in attendance. It was the most visited Championship in the event’s history.

Probably best to watch this one with the volume turned down.

Rachel Elliot retained the Ladies’ title which she won at Blenheim last year, while Michael Hutchinson took the Men’s laurels. Brompton Factory Nr. 1 took the Best Team title, and were rewarded for their efforts with a selection of Brooks cycling bags.

Aside from the prizes up for grabs for pure athletic prowess, there were also a couple of special categories, often absent from other cycling events.

As we all know, for the race start, riders charge politely-hurriedly Le Mans-style at the Brompton Worlds to their awaiting, unfolded bikes, so the ability to get one’s bike up and running quickly is a crucial one.

The inverse is probably also equally true. Who can tell for sure how many train doors and departure gates have cruelly shut before Brompton owners’ eyes while they have struggled sluggishly to bring their bike down to size?

Hence the Fastest Fold Competition, or Promptest “Brompt” as we like to call it.

Quite fast – for a one hundred metre dash.

With Brooks Marketing Manager Andrea Meneghelli’s enforced retirement from Brompton racing, the Best Dressed category was wide open this year, and hotly contested. Here are your winners.

You can also click here for an album of fine photographs capturing the spirit and colours of the day. Here’s to next year!

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  1. Sam 
    Posted 10:01 am
    8 Sep 2011

    You’re all mad. Adorably so, but utterly bonkers.

  2. Suzette 
    Posted 11:13 pm
    20 Sep 2011