The 2012 Brooks Vacationary Euphemism Contest.

It's Quiet. Too Quiet.

31 Jul 2012  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Bicycles, Correspondence, Curiosities, Events, Friends, Heritage, Monthly highlights

That bike was a pale pink color only two hours ago. Suncream, people!

Of course, at the Brooks Blog we try to stay on top of all the important bike stuff. Purely, you’ll understand, in order that our subscribers can go out into the Conversational World, secure in the knowledge that they won’t be trumped by anybody on Bike Talk. Obscure fashion labels, bespoke frame builders, technological breakthroughs… it’s all here, right?

The past weeks and months, however, have provided those of us with an interest in matters two-wheeled and human powered with much upon which to reflect. Wiggo nailing the Tour, Cav making a dog’s breakfast of the road race, those incriminating, unpublishable photos from the Retro Ronde…

So much, in fact, that Catch-Up-Reflection will be taking up nearly all of our time in the immediate future. To this end, things are going to be a little quieter than usual around Boultbee Towers over the next week or two.

Seeing as how I’m on hols, can I get Cod and Cheesy Chips instead of Cod and Chips?

Now clearly, reflecting hard and usefully about a lot of bicycle stuff can be done just as easily on the beach as it can in front of a typewriter, so in the interest of good Time Management, we will be simultaneously combining this Reflection Time with Beach Time.

While we will be clearly working throughout this period, we will also therefore be kind of not working too.

If we had an e-bike we’d tell you we were going to recharge our batteries. We don’t, as it happens, so allow us to make our intentions more clear.

We’re going to metaphorically Proofide the old saddle.

Get a bit of notional air back in the tyres.

Switch out all the cables, so to speak.

Re-pack the headset, as it were.

If anybody wishes to add a Bicycle Related Euphemism for taking a holiday, simply fire it in to our Comments Section and we’ll send out a Trouser Strap (at the very least) to the author of the best one.

Soon as we get back, that is.

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  1. UJS 
    Posted 12:05 pm
    31 Jul 2012

    Just freewheeling.

  2. Tim Hart 
    Posted 1:02 pm
    31 Jul 2012

    I’ll be taking a brake.

  3. Jeremy 
    Posted 1:43 pm
    31 Jul 2012

    Here are a few:

    Time to clean (the cob webs out of) the cogs,

    Re-align the gears

    True the mindset

    Get the wheels rolling on the right track

    Get the rubber side back down

    Fix your ‘bike’ to free your mind

    … so many ways to describe the healing power of the bicycle

  4. Neil Warner 
    Posted 2:33 pm
    31 Jul 2012

    Chasing out the shell threads

  5. Chad 
    Posted 3:47 pm
    31 Jul 2012

    Get the crank out of the crankset

  6. Tim 
    Posted 7:25 pm
    31 Jul 2012

    Changing down for the road home

  7. Anonymous 
    Posted 3:00 am
    1 Aug 2012

    Granny gearin’

  8. Anonymous 
    Posted 3:57 am
    1 Aug 2012

    Getting the mental wheels re-trued.

  9. Mike Kruger 
    Posted 3:58 am
    1 Aug 2012

    Getting the mental wheels re-trued.

  10. Paul 
    Posted 8:20 am
    1 Aug 2012

    Taking to the open road.

  11. Steve 
    Posted 10:19 pm
    3 Aug 2012

    Riding on the tops

  12. Anonymous 
    Posted 5:28 pm
    12 Aug 2012

    Time to warm the saddle

  13. Steve 
    Posted 5:39 pm
    12 Aug 2012

    Time to warm the saddle.

  14. James 
    Posted 12:15 pm
    15 Aug 2012

    added ‘tension’ for road trip