The Brooks Blog 2014 Haiku Contest!

Let the Elements & the Majesty of Two Human Powered Wheels be Your Muse

7 Feb 2014  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Events

English isn’t Mario’s first language but here we see him having a go at our Haiku contest anyway.

It’s time to get your syllable counting equipment out again. The very generous keyholders of the Boultbee Towers treasure chest have given us some prizes, and told us to give them away.

So we’ve decided to run a Haiku Contest!

There’s general agreement that a Haiku is a short poem totalling three lines and 17 syllables. The first line has 5 syllables, the second has 7 and the third has 5. Doesn’t have to rhyme, but it does have to capture a moment. And for our purposes, the moment your Haiku needs to capture is a recognizably cycling-related moment.

Haikus also traditionally evoke one of the four seasons, somehow.

And seeing as it’s us that are dishing out the prizes, it probably wouldn’t do your chances any harm if you shoehorned something flattering about the world’s finest leather bike saddles in there somewhere. Organic cotton and vulcanized natural rubber is probably okay too, though.

Where is my white bike
With its all-white parts and wheels?
Black Brooks! (It’s snowing).

(That one was intentionally ham-fisted just to give everybody some encouragement.)

Anyway, be as serious or as frivolous as you like, but give us a bona-fide moment. And make sure the syllables add up to 17.

Enter your Haiku, or Haikus, in the Comments Section of this post. We want your entries in by 28th February – so you’ve got till the end of the month. We’ll then decide upon our favourite 5 entries and we’ll let the winner be decided by a Like-vote on our Facebook page.

We have some seriously tasty prizes up for grabs, and as soon as the entries start rolling in we’ll be happy to talk about them in more detail.

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  1. Chris 
    Posted 2:43 pm
    7 Feb 2014

    Windblown winter climb,
    mostly a thorn in my side,
    this time, in my tire

    Recounting last saturdays ride –

  2. Parry Weare 
    Posted 2:45 pm
    7 Feb 2014

    Riding all day long
    Into the rainy unknown
    Sitting on my Brooks

  3. Parry Weare 
    Posted 2:53 pm
    7 Feb 2014

    Rain, wind, sun, wind, snow
    Seasons come and seasons go
    bike with me for all

  4. Parry Weare 
    Posted 3:07 pm
    7 Feb 2014

    My winter purchase
    Steel, vulcanized rubber and
    Organic cotton

  5. Eric 
    Posted 3:17 pm
    7 Feb 2014

    Add leather with steel,
    Road and wheel, a road alone,
    Time long forgotten

  6. Parry Weare 
    Posted 3:19 pm
    7 Feb 2014

    The miles flow endless
    Never let this summer end
    I’ll ride forever

  7. Sean 
    Posted 3:27 pm
    7 Feb 2014

    The snow is falling.
    But I’m on my Brooks saddle.
    The sun shines on me.

  8. Lee Smith 
    Posted 8:54 pm
    7 Feb 2014

    Bitterly biting,
    Glov’d hands struggle for purchase
    On cold, chrome drop bars.

  9. Tanja Cilia 
    Posted 2:48 pm
    8 Feb 2014

    On your bike, she said
    And like a fool, I obeyed.
    Now, I’m saddle-sore.

    This is wheely fun
    Uphill and downhill again.
    Beyond hill and dale.

    Calves ache, muscles twitch
    Feet pumping, wheels eating miles,
    I lose ‘track’ of time.

    Wind-chill on my face
    The smell of burning rubber…
    Free-wheeling downhill.

    Wipe sweat with wrist-band;
    Swing bum to rhythm of heart…
    Where’s the finish line?

  10. Tanja Cilia 
    Posted 2:49 pm
    8 Feb 2014

    That was supposed to be a set of haiku, with spaces in between – I do not know how they came out like that. Apologies.

  11. Andrew Harmon 
    Posted 6:18 pm
    9 Feb 2014

    Tires gripping tenaciously
    Ice chunks, snow abounds
    Secure on my Brooks

  12. Andrew Harmon 
    Posted 6:22 pm
    9 Feb 2014

    Tires grip tenaciously
    Ice chunks, snow abounds
    Secure on my Brooks saddle

  13. Amber Raley 
    Posted 8:37 pm
    9 Feb 2014

    Dark cold ride ahead
    Hyperdrive snow stars kiss face
    Enjoy every mile.

  14. Josh 
    Posted 8:48 am
    10 Feb 2014

    My bike not complete
    With no perfect leather seat
    It is just some tubes

  15. Josh r 
    Posted 8:56 am
    10 Feb 2014

    Pedaling along
    My breath makes clouds in the cold
    Twenty miles to go

  16. Danny Bower 
    Posted 7:01 pm
    10 Feb 2014

    No sky and no ground
    Just a Brooks Swallow and I
    Gliding through Snowflakes

  17. Dave Flitcroft 
    Posted 7:41 pm
    10 Feb 2014

    Leather cracked with age
    Polished copper rivets shine
    Comfort and beauty.

  18. Richard Kendrick 
    Posted 7:54 pm
    10 Feb 2014

    Lonesome country road
    Whispers from the rushing air
    Forgot the damned pump

  19. Amber 
    Posted 5:20 pm
    12 Feb 2014

    Houndstooth, herringbone,
    tweed riders of style converge
    Brooks canvas steals show.

  20. Daniel H 
    Posted 12:33 am
    13 Feb 2014

    Leather, rivetts – a perfect union
    Bottom and saddle in harmonious fusion
    Painless miles the joyful conclusion

  21. Daniel H 
    Posted 12:49 am
    13 Feb 2014

    From year Eighteen Sixty Six
    Came a steady journey not a revolution
    Behind us now infinite miles

  22. Daniel H 
    Posted 12:51 am
    13 Feb 2014

    Eyes covet leather and copper
    But more than aesthetics will definitely prosper
    Painfree behind not a cropper!

  23. Daniel H 
    Posted 1:09 am
    13 Feb 2014

    One Swallow, summer?
    No, all seasons it prospers
    Together we fly!

  24. Daniel H 
    Posted 1:13 am
    13 Feb 2014

    From Eighteen sixty six
    Steady progress through all seasons
    Quiet revolutions

  25. Daniel H 
    Posted 1:23 am
    13 Feb 2014

    Excuse my first couple, i was foolishly counting words not syllables. Hope you enjoy the proper Haiku rule obeying later two!

  26. Daniel H 
    Posted 1:41 am
    13 Feb 2014

    Winter ride no end
    My body sings, I hover
    Like a young Swallow

  27. Daniel H 
    Posted 1:57 am
    13 Feb 2014

    Perfectly married
    Leather, Copper, Tradition
    I sit, King of Spring(s)!

  28. Daniel H 
    Posted 9:13 am
    13 Feb 2014

    Dear Cows, don’t hide
    Rest easy, you’ll roam, travel
    Our hides thank you

  29. Hans 
    Posted 5:41 pm
    13 Feb 2014

    As J. B. once said:
    It is not the name of Brooks…
    It’s sitting comfy!

  30. Daniel H 
    Posted 9:33 pm
    13 Feb 2014

    Hazy summer ride
    Did I really leave the couch?
    My kind Brooks below

  31. Caylie 
    Posted 5:59 am
    14 Feb 2014

    Seven snowy months
    Who can admire my Brooks
    If it sits inside?

  32. Caylie 
    Posted 6:22 am
    14 Feb 2014

    Not a Brooks owner—
    yet—fingers crossed for a test
    Cambium saddle

  33. Hans Rueegger 
    Posted 8:51 am
    14 Feb 2014

    Asphalt and gravel
    On roots and rocks I travel
    Still sitting comfy

  34. Michael Murphy. 
    Posted 11:20 am
    14 Feb 2014

    Your personal loins
    Moulded your Brooks. Heat and sweat!
    That’s how life is made.

  35. Lee Smith 
    Posted 5:38 pm
    14 Feb 2014

    Circles spinning round,
    Pedals pumping up and down,
    High atop my Brooks.

  36. Lee Smith 
    Posted 5:39 pm
    14 Feb 2014

    Vintage DL-1
    Gents Raleigh Tourist model

  37. Lee Smith 
    Posted 5:41 pm
    14 Feb 2014

    All steel, curb-refurb
    Single speed with coaster brake
    Needs Brooks Cambium

  38. Caylie 
    Posted 1:26 am
    15 Feb 2014

    Horse dies. No money.
    Borrows bike. Thrilling! Seat hurts.
    The story of Brooks.

  39. Amber 
    Posted 6:22 pm
    15 Feb 2014

    Valentines’ party
    Blinkie lights, pouring white rain
    Whiskey après bike.

  40. Michael Murphy. 
    Posted 9:18 pm
    15 Feb 2014

    Leather? But of course.
    Bless your beautiful hide, Brooks!
    From a cycling bum.

  41. Gabriel Mansfield 
    Posted 1:40 am
    17 Feb 2014

    Valentine’s day gift,
    A fine Brooks to ride upon,
    Off into the wild.

  42. T 
    Posted 10:55 am
    17 Feb 2014

    It’s over, she said
    at least my gearings fix-ed
    on that I’ll depend

  43. Hans Rueegger 
    Posted 9:14 pm
    17 Feb 2014

    Hell my fingers hurt!
    Pale light through an icy cloud
    SWIFTly rushing home

  44. Kishore 
    Posted 6:37 am
    18 Feb 2014

    Streams and Brooks murmur;
    gentle winds, soft summer sighs.
    The most perfect ride.

  45. Kishore 
    Posted 6:39 am
    18 Feb 2014

    Throne of riding gods;
    Aphrodite and Ares
    softly kiss both cheeks.

  46. Stephen 
    Posted 9:08 pm
    18 Feb 2014

    Riding the decades
    From Great Charles to Downing Street
    With Brooks it’s summer

  47. Richard Kendrick 
    Posted 3:10 pm
    19 Feb 2014

    Like a leaf, floating.
    Swaying in slow motion. Oh
    Gods! I’m still, clipped in.

  48. Hughie Simmons 
    Posted 8:14 pm
    19 Feb 2014

    Cheap saddle, Painful!
    Hoping for release from this Hell…
    Grant a one-thirty-five!

  49. Hughie Simmons 
    Posted 8:39 pm
    19 Feb 2014

    Sun in my eyeballs!
    Even tho’ it makes me cry,
    not riding in rain.

  50. Hughie Simmons 
    Posted 1:20 am
    21 Feb 2014

    Ching-ching of a bell,
    The mating call of cyclists!
    Winter is over.

  51. Hughie Simmons 
    Posted 1:25 am
    21 Feb 2014

    like a chrysalis,
    self-transformation occurs
    during pedaling

  52. Hughie Simmons 
    Posted 1:29 am
    21 Feb 2014

    Lonely Tylenol
    A palindrome!
    But useless for my saddlesores.

  53. James Miller 
    Posted 9:14 am
    21 Feb 2014

    Oh glorious day
    Long drive up
    Beautiful lift in air, whispering

    Spinning down, trail
    Rapid decent, lift’d to air
    Arms down, dirt

    Look up, alive
    Sat up, pain
    Looked down, beautiful

    Sigh, I tried
    Daunting, pushin’ up
    Lonely drive home

    Alas, alive!

  54. Daniel H 
    Posted 1:25 pm
    21 Feb 2014

    Cambiums good grace
    Bovine chatter, fields rejoice
    And our conscience clear

  55. Hughie Simmons 
    Posted 12:03 am
    22 Feb 2014

    Steel tubes, leather perch,
    I am Swankster, hear me roar!
    Eat my dust, slowpokes!

  56. Parry Weare 
    Posted 11:29 am
    27 Feb 2014

    Head up, cadence high
    Zipping past the slow traffic
    Racing to get home

  57. Christian 
    Posted 9:13 am
    28 Feb 2014

    My beauty ride
    the titanium mile
    I travel on leather
    with nice guy`s together
    and swallow England.

  58. Dan Hall 
    Posted 5:10 pm
    28 Feb 2014

    Breath mist, frozen beard
    Lungs burning, leaden legs scream
    First climb of the day.

  59. Dan Hall 
    Posted 5:14 pm
    28 Feb 2014

    Horizontal rain
    Scours the skin raw. Clouds part,
    Chasing the sun home.

  60. Dan Hall 
    Posted 5:51 pm
    28 Feb 2014

    Monotnonous hum
    sweaty towels, empty bottles
    The clock never stops

    Spring classics watched from
    afar. Beer, cobbles, mud, pain
    Spartacus again?

    Scrabbling for grip
    where the sun hasn’t reached
    early morning ride.

    Sparkling in sunlight
    Ethereal frosted world
    Beauty all around

    Thousands of miles pass,
    leather moulds. Patience attains
    Unparrallelled comfort

  61. Dan Hall 
    Posted 6:05 pm
    28 Feb 2014

    My first bike. Hidden
    behind curtains one birthday.
    Freedom on two wheels.

  62. georgie 
    Posted 10:15 pm
    28 Feb 2014

    Ten mile velo corkscrew -
    Up, up, up -
    Into the morning hill fog

  63. Pat T 
    Posted 10:40 pm
    28 Feb 2014

    back in the saddle
    leave the pedestrian world
    body melds with bike