The Brooks Piccadilly Knapsack.

25 Sep 2012  |  Posted by BREGAN  |  Categories: Saddles, Bags, Etc., Urban Cycling

We mentioned in a post recently how, after the past few years of Researching and Developing, our Brooks line of bags for cycling with was beginning to approach a state of completion. We now have a range of pieces produced in England and Italy, running the gamut from spacious to slimline, designed for and by cyclists, yet which do not require the tandem accessory of bicycle to make aesthetic sense.

As most will know, there are Brooks rucksacks and holdalls built with a specially treated and extremely tough canvas, but in most cases (no pun intended) our bags are made using leather of the same grade we take for our saddles.

One such bag is the newly arrived Brooks Piccadilly Knapsack.

The first thing to strike most people we’ve asked about the Piccadilly was the same thing that struck us when we saw the prototypes – its super clean look. The flap, the straps, the body and the stitch work – all of these elements have been married in England without compromise for quality. Visual fuss has been kept at an absolute minimum. It’s a rather modest bag.

The Piccadilly comes in classic Black, as well as in Olive, Mandarin and Mustard tones of vegetable tanned Brooks-grade leather. It has a detachable inner pocket fixed near the top for storing those items that one needs to have easily at hand. Rummaging blindly in search of your pearl necklace, for example, is, as we see in our video, now thankfully a thing of the past.

The introductory clip to the Piccadilly shown at the top of the page is one of several fine short films we produced this year showing our bags at their best. Feel free to browse the Brooks Youtube channel to see more.

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  2. patrick 
    Posted 2:19 pm
    11 Oct 2012

    is this bag suitable for 13 inches mac bk pro?

  3. BREGAN 
    Posted 10:02 am
    19 Oct 2012

    Yes, that would fit perfectly!