The John Boultbee Criterion Jacket

30 Dec 2010  |  Posted by ANDREA  |  Categories: Style & Fashion, Urban Cycling

Readers may still recall how we disclosed plans on the Brooks blog in November regarding our intention to start production of some clothing items, under the auspices of our new label, John Boultbee.

So we’re very pleased to announce today that, together with designer Timothy Everest -the tailor to whom such luminaries as Mick Jagger, Jeremy Irons and David Beckham look when wishing to cut a sartorial dash -these plans have now borne their first fruit.

The Criterion Mk.1 Jacket is the first in a line of what will soon be regarded as the world’s finest jackets for cycling, carrying the label John Boultbee, not to mention the fact that behind it stands our name, and all which that implies.

Expect durable, eye-catching and tasteful pieces that will have no need of the tandem accessory of bicycle to make aesthetic sense, but which nonetheless are conceived primarily for use by the contemporary cyclist.

Timothy’s almost unparalleled tailoring expertise, as well as his acquaintance with our name and intuitive feel for the demands that cycling makes on a rider’s clothes, has placed us in the happy position of being able to submit for our readers’ consideration -what we believe is -the finest jacket of its kind. Allow us to present the John Boultbee Criterion Mk.1 (for non-native English speakers, Mk. stands for “mark”).

In terms of functionality we have left nothing to chance. An exhaustive list of the jacket’s technical features would occupy any busy reader for longer, perhaps, than we would necessarily wish to detain them here. And a picture can, after all, sometimes be worth a thousand words, as they say.

The trick, of course, was to provide such features as reflective strips, fold-out panels, key loops, etc., while making them as visually unobtrusive as possible when not in use. Thank you, Timothy.

The outer surface of the John Boultbee Criterion Mk. 1 is Ventile, a waterproof and windproof treated woven cotton textile designed in England during the Second World War for use in pilot’s suits.  Ventile is also popular among birdwatchers and naturalists because is produces almost no noise when in use.  Cyclists entering classrooms, movie theaters, or meetings behind schedule will appreciate this feature.

Most readers will be aware of how the chafing of a shoulder bag strap can famously cause unsightly damage to the shoulder area of most upper body garments, so we have covered the shoulder seams with a reinforcement, for example. As to cuffs -again, just as one of many examples, -the fitted woollen rib under each one is host to a thumbhole, which the wearer might wish to use in preventing the sleeves from riding up in particularly nasty weather.

Perhaps one of the more interesting details could be the internal shoulder carry straps, so that the jacket may be taken off and carried like a rucksack.

All in all, we think it looks right. The Criterion will be available to buy early next year, and on January 19th we’ll be showing the first run at Bread and Butter in Berlin.

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  1. Matthew 
    Posted 8:19 pm
    21 Dec 2010

    Oh my!! Simply magnificent. I can’t wait till it is actually available for purchase. Will there also be a line of britches / knickers to match?

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  3. BREGAN 
    Posted 7:21 am
    23 Dec 2010

    Thanks Matthew, at this time however, we do not have plans for any trousers.

  4. Traditionally Styled 
    Posted 1:16 pm
    23 Dec 2010

    That is a dashing garment, waterproof and windproof is an added plus.

  5. Mars 
    Posted 2:31 pm
    23 Dec 2010

    Prefer the look of that coat without the belt. Something more akin to Barbour’s exquisite, but way overpriced riding jacket (limited release). Anyway, very glad you’re going down this road.

  6. rudolph garcia 
    Posted 4:34 pm
    23 Dec 2010

    an awesome jacket !! i look forward to getting me one, after i purchase one of ur famous saddles for my new electra cruiser

  7. chris 
    Posted 5:12 pm
    23 Dec 2010

    can i buy the sample!

  8. william richardson 
    Posted 2:00 am
    27 Dec 2010

    Seriously? My first thought was WTF?

  9. Adam 
    Posted 12:51 am
    29 Dec 2010

    Any info regarding the proposed price?

  10. BREGAN 
    Posted 9:56 pm
    29 Dec 2010

    Sources tell us less than a Bentley, but considerably more than a Beamish. Will keep you posted!

  11. Ken Rutherford 
    Posted 7:32 pm
    2 Jan 2011

    The jacket seems to be a tad short. Would need a bit extra length, especially at the back, to give full cover when leaning forward in riding position.

  12. BREGAN 
    Posted 5:50 am
    4 Jan 2011

    The jacket comes equipped with a fold-down rear flap for this contingency.

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  16. Murray 
    Posted 3:45 pm
    15 Feb 2011

    So when’s this beautiful jacket available to buy? I keep looking back at the site and it’s still not available

  17. Tim 
    Posted 12:03 am
    17 Feb 2011

    Just love the look of this jacket , want to bin my Barbour for this stylish jacket instead ! Hope it is launched soon , and not too expensive please ! (It is always worth asking !!!!)

  18. BREGAN 
    Posted 5:48 pm
    17 Feb 2011

    Less than a Bentley, more than a Beamish.

  19. David Hudson Baker 
    Posted 3:47 am
    23 Mar 2011

    Waxed cotton is timeless! I believe it needs length, especially at the bum. Does it come in blue, green, red or black?

  20. Livingston 
    Posted 7:20 am
    14 Apr 2011

    Are we any closer to launch? It’s been quite a while since I’ve heard news about this jacket, yet I’m still awfully keen on this fine piece of clothing. Let us buy it already!

  21. BREGAN 
    Posted 12:13 pm
    14 Apr 2011

    Yes, by definition we are closer to the launch than we were over three months ago. :)

    But seriously, you will have to wait until the Fall I’m afraid. I’ll tell you what, I will look into the possibility of doing a post about what is going on right now, as the jacket is being made in London, not Smethwick.

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    3 May 2011

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  23. Mike 
    Posted 8:41 pm
    11 Jun 2011

    Very beautiful jacket!
    Where is it possible to buy one?

  24. BREGAN 
    Posted 7:28 pm
    12 Jun 2011

    Check this Autumn!

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    8 Sep 2011

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  26. René 
    Posted 10:04 pm
    6 Nov 2011

    How small is a “small”? I am 5′ 4”and 120lbs.