Timothy Everest talks us through the Criterion Jacket

22 Feb 2011  |  Posted by GARETH  |  Categories: Friends, Style & Fashion, Videos

When the assembled might of Brooks decamped to the German capital in January for Bread and Butter’s winter show, bespoke tailor Timothy Everest was also on hand at our pavilion to give visitors a first hand account of the creative process behind our new cycling jacket, the Criterion Mk. 1.

For anyone who didn’t make it to Berlin this year, we have made a short film in which Timothy expounds a little upon his professional background, and shares his thoughts on the Brooks legacy, while outlining some of the features which make the Criterion not just highly functional, but also perhaps one of the most stylish pieces of cycling apparel available on the market today, One of them, we said.

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  1. Alberto 
    Posted 9:13 am
    24 Feb 2011

    cool video, really nice jacket. Well done!

  2. Kyle 
    Posted 5:12 pm
    9 Mar 2011

    When can we see more information on this jacket? It looks amazing, and I’d really like to get to know it better (availability, fit, *cough* cost…)

  3. Kyle 
    Posted 5:39 pm
    9 Mar 2011

    Ah yes: “Less than a Bentley, more than a Beamish.”

    I shall be waiting for more information as it rolls out. Thanks!

  4. Antony 
    Posted 9:37 pm
    10 Mar 2011

    How much is this jacket going to retail at?

  5. BREGAN 
    Posted 11:10 pm
    13 Mar 2011

    Less than a Bentley, more than a Beamish.

  6. Alf 
    Posted 6:40 pm
    7 Aug 2011

    Completely agree, a detailed piece of biker’s fashion that is destined for classic biker status. My question is, where can I purchase the cap in the photo?

  7. BREGAN 
    Posted 7:46 pm
    7 Aug 2011

    The cap is by Stetson, available everywhere.